The golden 100!!

Yo, people~
we finally reached 3 digits!!
To celebrate this great event, I present you 3 chapters!
Anything more to say? No! Grab the chapters and


Chapter 100:
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Chapter 101:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Chapter 102:
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P.S.: Christmas gets closer~

Hit and... Ehm I mean, Release and Run

Short release again. Busy. Busy. Busy.
Dedicated to the unpatient Hulk Joulupukki :)


Chapter 99:
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Release Bla Bla

I'm busy, you know what's it about, therefore not bothering a long post.


Chapter 98:
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It goes on...

Uploading more than 2 chapters for one release is just a pain for my internet connection...
So I delayed this chapter till now. Right now sitting at my parent's, with super speed~ I can upload all three links (MF, DF, Reader) at the same time and still browse the site. My internet won't let my browse with just uploading to MF... I'm gonna miss this...
Anyways, here's your next Frogman.
Grab and


Chapter 22:
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'Sup people~
Not only is it time for new Smash!, but we're reviving a project.
Kaitaishinsho Zero is back! Successfully stolen from IMS.
J/k, they knew of it.
Thumps up for Edek, for jumping in and cleaning this! Thanks, dude!
Get the chapters and


Smash! Chapter 97:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 17:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online || Page 16 Resized

P.S.: After uploading it everywhere I noticed page 16 of Kaitai wasn't resized... Too lazy to fix all zips, just get it seperate new. Sorry for the trouble.

Start of Volume 11

Here is chapter 96 of Smash, the start of volume 11.
As for Hose in the Ginen Shounen Chapter, yeah it's supposed to be Josè, but when I QCed I forgot it.
He's gonna disappear in the next chapter either way, so who cares how he is called...


Chapter 96:
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Finally time for some Ginen!!

I kept you waiting long enough!
But as compensation you get 2 chapters :)
Next chapter will be next month, I'm still quite busy with stuff this month. Sorry.
Grab them and


Chapter 13:
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Chapter 14:
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Yet another celebration

This time it's to celebrate my 300th Translation :)
It's been  453 days since my first release, and a few more since I did my first TL.
My first ever TL was done in german. It was a manga called Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu. I showed it to my japanese professor and he told me it was a indeed correct translation, but still too literal. So I polished my skills a bit more before I released my first chapter of Smash! on 17/8/2009 :)
To celebrate this I wanted to give you 2 chapters of ginen, but they're still not done T_T
So you'll have to be satisfied with just a chapter of Kurohime.


Chapter 77:
Mediafire || Read Online || iMangaScans

You know the procedure....

Yeah, it's Thursday again.
Sorry for the monoton releases of Smash!
I'm quite busy with Uni and dun get much time to do different stuff. And as you all know Smash! is my highest priority. Just bear with it a little bit longer. 2 Chapters of Ginen are in work (or rather 1 is in work and the other is just waiting for the first), so they should be released soon.
Kurohime is somewhat near completion too. I think...
Eh.. Yeah... Grab it and


Chapter 95:
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Party, Party, Party!

Yo Folks!
It's my birthday~
And instead of getting presents, I present you with some awesome chapters :)
Some long awaited Ginen Shounen.
A day earlier Smash!, no release tmw then, with an awesome color page from Powha.
And finally some Frogman again.

Also some sad news again.
An idiotic Online Reader site removes all credit pages from chapters they host.
I ask of you that you don't visit them.
Here an answer from them to my request to include the credit pages:
E-Mail Reply

Another sad news: Genocider Mami is dropped. Our raw-provider and project initiator went MIA. With no raws and motivation we decided to drop it.

Also thanks for the lots of comments :) Please continue to comment :)


Smash! Chapter 94:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Ginen Shounen Chapter 12:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Frogman Chapter 21:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Eh... More Smash... Yeah...

All my plans for the day got screwed since I had/have to hold an ice pack against my cheek-.-
Screw you dentists!
Anyway, QC was possible with just one hand, TLing not T_T
I know lately it's all smash releases, but don't worry, the other projects are in work. Just slow.
Be a bit patient. (It surely will be rewarded)
Don't forget to comment, it raises my spirit if I see lots of thanks :)


Chapter 93:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

It's already monday over here

Specially early release~
It's nearly 1am here, so I can release it :)
But I'm so sleepy I dun know what to write.
Ah, yeah.
Thanks for the tons of comments. As long as I see so much support, I'll continue providing you with manga :)
So don't stop now even though the case with Mangafox is resolved :P
And yes it is resolved, so let the topic die now.
Reminder: The 7 day wait perioed applies to all projects and to all Online Readers, except our own.
Well okay, leave your comment and then


Chapter 92:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Special Comment Answer Corner:
Since there were a ton of questions in the comments, I'll try answer a few:
To the idea of only providing the download links after 7 days, I don't like this idea, since it would hurt the leechers who rather DL than read online. (I, myself, am such a person)
As for watermarks, I will consider that idea if trouble raises against.
At the present time, no project is dropped.

Hope it clears it up :P
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