Why everything today...

....I don't know either.
Just, it's ready, so it gets released. Easy as that.
This series hadnt had a release by us for 42 days and guess what? IT ISN'T DROPPED.
Amazing, huh? I mean it's 42 days. Why didn't anyone think we dropped it and released their own version?
So yeah, it's back. More will surely follow.


Kanokon Chapter 35:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kanokon35

Some more

As promised, more Kaitai.
I remembered what I wanted to say in the previous rant:
We crossed 200 releases! Cheers~


Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 31:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai31

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 32:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai32

Happy but sad?

You know what I hate the most after shitty groups stealing projects with the lame excuse of "You didn't release for 30 days, so I thought you dropped it", that would be annoying leechers.
Are you too retarted to read my posts?
I got mails telling me to scan vol 18 of Smash!. DUDES, IT IS SCANNED.
Fucking read my posts, that's why I write them-.-
I wrote I will be finishing off Smash wihtin this month. That obviously includes vol 18.
Since Sunday I had all chapters ready and already started working on other projects. In japan it even finished last year in april. So my comments was in no way wrong.
If that was too misleading to you, then fucking come lurk IRC. I can't count anymore how often I had to say there what's going on.
Anyways, back to the shitty groups. They actually knew what crap they're doing and are pulling back.
Good for them. Good for me. Good for you.
We still will be releasing a few more Kaitai in the next days. Other series are to come too.
Extra big so even the biggest idiot can see we haven't dropped anything. Got it? Good.
Then let's rant about Smash!.
As you know (and I seriously hope you do, if not it would mean you never read my post and I'm just wasting my time here....) I started scanlation because of Smash!. That was roughly 1 1/2 years ago (I wanted to get out exact numbers, but my work and a certain shitty group kept me from collecting the material).
The start was slow and really bad in quality. So I founded Black Wing, which was roughly 9 months ago.
Black Wing's releases were/are epic. All thanks to the staff I stole from other groups...eh, I mean that followed me willingly.
On the way I learned to typeset and to clean, which I had to do a lot for smash. Actually the effort I put into Smash will never be seen in any other series. Way too bothersome. I will never like any series as much as I like Smash. I'm glad it's finally over, though on the same hand I'm sad and honestly a bit disappointed at the ending. I got trolled various times but it was nevertheless a fun ride.
I'm not really good at ranting.... I just forgot the rest of what I wanted to write....
Ehm...Yeah, no idea. Let's screw that.
Since I'm sure you will come and bother me with "What will you do next?" (which actually happened quite often already....) I will tell you now:
We're picking up various, yes VARIOUS, new projects. I'm just that awesome.
That being said, we will catch up with our other series before though. Neither will I reveal any information about the mangas we will pick up. I spilled some secrets on IRC, so if you happened to be there at the moment, luck you. Another reason to lurk our channel. You see it has a lots of benefits being there.
So join us, specially dudes from GMT +1, the stupid americans are always asleep or at work when I'm online....
So, I guess that was it?
Wait, random fact of the day: My translation count so far: 479.
Not bad for 1 1/2 years, don't you think?
It still feels like I'm forgetting something, but I can't pinpoint it, so whatever....
Kudos to everyone who read this all.
Without further ado I present you Smash! Vol 18 THE END:

Thanks for reading~

Smash! Vol 18 END:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smashv18

Don't screw with us

I already mentioned it, we didn't drop this.
Screw mangacurse and their stupid project-stealing-policy.
You do a crappy job and everyone knows it.
Here's an example of how you do a good scanlation.
Expect more soon.
Also, screw you all, who even thanked them for the release. You dudes must be really stupid. 


Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 29:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai29

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 30:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai30

So, yeah, the next Faggots appear

The internet is full of pricks.
I won't mention names here, but the guys in question will know I mean them.
Apparently they thought we dropped Kaitaishinsho Zero.
Which is total bullshit since we never announced it.
As you can see from our daily releases of smash, we were focussing on that to finish it off.
Smash is over now, so we will go back to our other series.
Kaitai is still listed as active there.... unbelievable how one could come to the conclusion that we dropped it-.-
Anyways, to kill off those noobs, who even did a crappy job on their steal, we will be releasing a lot of kaitai soon.
Some Kanokon is in the stocks too.


Smash! Chapter 161:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash161

Countdown: 2....

Do I really need to say something?


Smash! Chapter 160
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash160

Countdown start: 3....

Well you all know what happens at 0.


Smash! Chapter 159:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash159

Some kind of side-kick

Let's forget Shouta for a bit and look a bit into Anan and Miwa's relationship!


Smash! Chapter 158:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash158

Can you read this?

Good, then your eyes are good.


Smash! Chapter 157:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash157

I'm lonely

At all lurker in GMT +1, come onto irc and chat.
It's so quiet there T_T


Smash! Chapter 156:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash156

Just grab it


Smash! Chapter 155:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash155


Catch them all!


Smash! Chapter 154:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash154

Barbeque you say?

Oh, yes, Barbeque!
Condolences prize to you: Smash.


Smash! Chapter 153:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash153

No time for a post


Smash! Chapter 152:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash152

Eh, what was it again?

Yesterday I clearly knew what I wanted to write here, but now it's gone.....
Anyways, it's the end of Vol 16. I have finished all TLs.
Cleaning is done for 98% too.
Oh right, this is a special of a side story with 44 pages.


Smash! Special:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smashextra2

100th Release of Smash!

Yeah, it's the 100th one.
We started releases as Black Wing from chapter 54 on. With some specials in between, this chapter marks the 100th one.


Smash! Chapter 151:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash151


Finally the weekend~


Smash! Chapter 150:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash150


If you thought I'll bother with a long release post every day now, you're gravely mistaken.


Smash! Chapter 149:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash149


Just the 2nd day and I'm already at a loss at what to write.
Let me just give you some updates:
As you have noticed (I hope you did) there was/is a lack of releases other than Smash!.
Well, that's obvious, since Smash! is the reason for this group.
But I will let you know, after we finish smash this month, we'll shift our concentration back to the other series.
Starting off with finishing Kanokon next month (hopefully).


Smash! Chapter 148:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash148

And we're starting

First off,
after the big mess with mangacurse/mangareader, the scanlation world is facing the next one.
This time it's mangafox. Read the details over here.
In short, our releases will be prohibited to be uploaded to Mangafox.
Shouldn't affect YOU, the leecher, all that bad, since we have our own reader right here.
Without the 7 day wait, which was active on MF before.

our thoughts are all still with Japan. I certainly hope the reactor won't explode-.-
To all Japanese, I offer you my sincere condolences, and keep strong.

Now for the release.
Starting today we'll be doing daily release until the end of month.
Going at this speed, will us allow to end Smash! with a special release on the 31th or march :)
Yes, you heard right, we'll be finishing smash.
Now starting the stuff with a double release


Smash! Capter 146:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash146

Smash! Chapter 147:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash147

Double Pack but an End

Sad news again.
Another Series is ending. It's Kurohime.
A few of you, who followed the thread on OneManga, already know of it.
Otherwise you know now :)
Kurohime is over. Everyone dies.
Or something on these lines :)
Normally I would thank all the staff involved, but heck the staff switch like crazy and in the beginning I didn't even care about who worked on it. Later I did most of the stuff myself, so big thanks to myself.
And a obligatory thanks to other staff too :P
For second I have a next chapter of Smash! for you.
It's the start of vol 16. We're so close too end, I can't wait~~~


Mahoutsukai Kurohime Chapter 80 END:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kurohime80 || IMS

Smash! Chapter 145:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash145

Already over

So, yeah. The series is actually already over.
Guess a 2nd manga with the same story doesn't run too well after all.
With just 3 chapters I highly doubt there will be tankoubon, so our plans to release HQ might get be screwed.
Well, w/e.
Anyways, thanks to Galooza for finding this, thanks to Kajii for forcing it onto me and thanks to the rest that worked on it.
If there really should be a tankoubon, buy it to support the Author!!


Nozomi to Kimio Chapter 03 END:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Nozomi03
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