Double Pack but an End

Sad news again.
Another Series is ending. It's Kurohime.
A few of you, who followed the thread on OneManga, already know of it.
Otherwise you know now :)
Kurohime is over. Everyone dies.
Or something on these lines :)
Normally I would thank all the staff involved, but heck the staff switch like crazy and in the beginning I didn't even care about who worked on it. Later I did most of the stuff myself, so big thanks to myself.
And a obligatory thanks to other staff too :P
For second I have a next chapter of Smash! for you.
It's the start of vol 16. We're so close too end, I can't wait~~~


Mahoutsukai Kurohime Chapter 80 END:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kurohime80 || IMS

Smash! Chapter 145:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash145
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