And we're starting

First off,
after the big mess with mangacurse/mangareader, the scanlation world is facing the next one.
This time it's mangafox. Read the details over here.
In short, our releases will be prohibited to be uploaded to Mangafox.
Shouldn't affect YOU, the leecher, all that bad, since we have our own reader right here.
Without the 7 day wait, which was active on MF before.

our thoughts are all still with Japan. I certainly hope the reactor won't explode-.-
To all Japanese, I offer you my sincere condolences, and keep strong.

Now for the release.
Starting today we'll be doing daily release until the end of month.
Going at this speed, will us allow to end Smash! with a special release on the 31th or march :)
Yes, you heard right, we'll be finishing smash.
Now starting the stuff with a double release


Smash! Capter 146:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash146

Smash! Chapter 147:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash147
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