Smash! 74~

New week, new smash.
I'm running out of ideas what to write...
Well, it's the second to last chapter of vol 08. Next week we start vol 09. I can garantuee that will be great. Though Yuuhi got no scenes, we got to see some great badminton action.
Makes me quite excited. I wanna play again too xD, but no time T_T and more importantly no opponent.
Yeah, so...

Just Enjoy~

Chapter 74:
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Smash! Chapter 73

Okay my new keyboard is ordered. Damn expensive....
Hope it arrvies soon~
Anyway not much to say...
I'm tired a bit lately...
Soon weekend, and some catch up with my projects. That will be fun.
Bla bla bla


Chapter 73:
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P.S.: Argh, mistake from my side T_T
This chapter was proofed by Malkavli! Thanks for his quick help on this! I'm really sorry.
I replaced the chapters with right creditpage and also fixed another mistake.
Sorry again~

Just one day late (puh)

Okay, I borrowed some old keyboard (roughly twice as old as me-.-) and got this chapter done.
My poor G11 with all it's great hotkeys... I miss you already.
It's really a pain to work with this standard crap...
It's just tuesday, but my week is already the worst T_T
Stress in scanlation, stress with parents, keyboard dies....
I need the weekend T_T
Well w/e...
Just to boost my ego in this rotten time, the double page is done by me :)
And now without further ranting from my side:


Chapter 72:
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Sorry no Smash!

I was about to QC Smash!, when my keyboard died and I no longer have access to my desktop computer, which has all the files on it.
I'm writing this from my laptop, but this is missing various programms and I can't really use it for scanlation (well execpt translation, it has word duh).
Borrowing a keyboard is impossible too, since my brother is a hardcore gamer and needs his own 24/7 and my parents of course only have a laptop too, duh.
I don't know what wrong yet, guess I have to buy a new one..............
Maybe see you tmw~
I'm really sorry for this T_T
I hate killing my own schedule. T_T

Smash! Chapter 71

It's time for some Smash! again~
Though Yuuhi actually went back last chapter, we get to see some glimpses of her here :)
Really nice~

Btw, raws for our third secret project are orded, thank you donators~
I estimate release in around 2 weeks though, shipping takes a while T_T
Remember to DL from DP, thanks~


Chapter 71:
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Promised Ginen Shounen

And here is the chapter I promised yesterday~
We all get sleepy sometimes, so forgive kundy :)
Chapter 5 marks the end of vol 1.
And thanks to our kind donators, we ordered Vol 3 (which goes on sale today), so we're all set on raws.
Hopefully I can get some chapters done again soon.

Now Enjoy~

Chapter 05:
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P.S.: Yes I labeled the Mami chapter wrong. Sorry for that. It is the proloque and therefore chapter 00, but oh well... now you have a wrong named folder... World's not gonna end.


Well not Black Wing's, but mine.
Yes today marks exactly a 1-year time after my first release of Smash!
I started at chapter 31, and looking back, honestly it sucked. Cleaning and Typesetting wise. The translation should be overall okay :) Though overtime I polished my skills there too :)
I had a lot trouble with Smash! and only when I created Black Wing, I could ensure regular releases of Smash! Me doing Preclean, Translation and Quality Check for it, are one reason, Great team members the others :) Thanks to all the great guys who followed me to Black wing :) It would totally impossible to release regular without you.
In this 1 year I managed to translate 204 chapters (at least that's what I roughly found after searching for textdocuments in my Scanlation folder) and the other jobs I don't even want to count.
Smash! has still a long way before it and I haven't lost my motivation, rather I'm even more fired up, so releases will keep rolling :)

To celebrate this historic moment, I present you 3!! chapters!
But I'm afraid they aren't of Smash!, but instead of our "side" projects.
The first chapter is from Kurohime. Nothing much to say here :)
The second chapter is the introduction of one of our new series: Frogman.
It's a swimming manga. Ecchi. Scanlation was on hold for a time and we decided the manga was too good to be forgotten.
The third chapter is also a new series: Genocider Mami. It has the same artist as Kurohime (though to me there is nearly nothing familiar...)
It's a nice battle manga and was introduced to me by one of our cleaners/proofers/raw-provider Solowing. :)
Actually I wanted to give you a foruth chapter, namely Ginen c05, but my typesetter seemed to have fallen asleep and didn't finish it :)
Guess you'll see it tmw.
Now without further ado


Kurohime Chapter75:
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Frogman Chapter 10:
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Genocider Mami Chapter 00:
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There she goes~

It's really sad, but Yuuhi is alread leaveing us again T_T
I really hope we see her again soon!

Thanks to our donators, we were able to buy the first raws now :)
Thank you very much~
If you donate in the future, please add a name/nickname you want to be credit with as donator.
We respect privacy, so I'll only add names on the list, I got confirmation from.
Also thanks to all those who use depostifiles.
You ought to check the site tomorrow. It'll be great. I promise. Really.

Now Enjoy~

Chapter 70:
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More Yuuhi~

Yeah, again a chapter with Yuuhi, though a bit less than the previous.
Still cute~~
Nothing interesting happened since the last post, so I can't really write anything more....
Though if all people would use DP instead of MF, it would really help :)
But it's your call. Big thanks if you do :)

Just Enjoy~

Chapter 69:
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Goddess Yuuhi~

Another awesome chapter full of Yuuhi!
Hang in there Yuuhi~~

Well the possibilites with this site are limited. So the Donator-List you see on the right, is the best it can manage (at least to my knowledge and my lack of time at the moment xD). Still hope it satisfies you :P
Remember to use deposit files :)


Chapter 68:
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Kaitaishinsho 12

Yeah it took a while, but here is the next chapter~
Too lazy too post anything more.
I'm busy catching up on various things~


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Smash! 67~

Today I bring you two great news.
First: Another Chapter of Smash :)
Though it's kinda sad T_T
Second: We recieved donation :)
Special Thanks to Robert S. for donating to us.
I'm in the middle of thinking up how to add a list of all our great donators (I hope there will be more in the future :P) to the site.
I think I'll get it done on the weekend.
If you have money to spare and are kind enough, then please donate :)
For one of our projects (still secret atm :P sorry) we have an unclear raw source. So we might need to order more.
If you don't have money to spare, you can still support us! With downloading from depositfiles.
With enough downloads there, we get money from them. I set up both MF and DP, but if you can wait 60 seconds, then please use DP. It really helps us :) Thanks~
Ok enough said :)


Chapter 67:
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New Donate Button!

Well we actually have all Raws for our main project Smash!, but with the unexpected growth of the group, we took on more projects or would like to take on more.
But we are missing a few raws for that. So I hope you can help us out here :)
For example we miss chapter 12 of Ginen Shounen, as I stated often before, and it doesn't look like we get our hands on it. We therefore would need to buy the volume.
So if you have a bit of money to spare and want to see more fantastic releases from us, please donate :)
I most likely will also set up a depositfile acc, where you also then can support us by downloading our chapters from there.
Thank you very much~

EDIT: Okay depositfile is set up :P
And to test it, here are the covers for vol 6 and 7~

Vol 06 Cover:
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Vol 07 Cover:
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Smash! Volume 08 Start!

I worked on saturday, I worked on Sunday... And the sunday shift was a night-shift T_T
I'm tired as hell. But I bring you Smash!
It's the start of the super awesome Vol 08!!
I don't want to spoil anything, but the first half of the volume is super amazing~
Well at least I think so :)
With the start of vol 07 I forgot to add the volume cover T_T
For vol 08 now I included it. I will do a batch for volume 7 the coming days and add the cover there. So if you want that DL it :)

Now Enjoy~

Chapter 66:

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