Smash! 67~

Today I bring you two great news.
First: Another Chapter of Smash :)
Though it's kinda sad T_T
Second: We recieved donation :)
Special Thanks to Robert S. for donating to us.
I'm in the middle of thinking up how to add a list of all our great donators (I hope there will be more in the future :P) to the site.
I think I'll get it done on the weekend.
If you have money to spare and are kind enough, then please donate :)
For one of our projects (still secret atm :P sorry) we have an unclear raw source. So we might need to order more.
If you don't have money to spare, you can still support us! With downloading from depositfiles.
With enough downloads there, we get money from them. I set up both MF and DP, but if you can wait 60 seconds, then please use DP. It really helps us :) Thanks~
Ok enough said :)


Chapter 67:
Mediafire || Deposit Files


narengoku said...

Thank you for the chapter....I will download from deposir files from now on...

Farley said...

Thanks. :D It's a shame I'm a student and thus don't have money to spare. But I'll for sure download all your files from Deposit Files.

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