And the pile is gone

Crazy Release Spree Finished.
My Japanese Exam is over with,only  korean left.
Break Blade Movie 3 is out. Need to watch.


Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 23:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai23

We're on a roll

So, yeah we're fast.
Special thanks to my fat friend whale for those high quality cleans.
It has boobs!
Read it.


Hajimete Datteba! Chapter 02:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Hajimete02

Ehm, yeah, Ribbit

I think this will get be done weekly too. At least as long as we have raws.
Good chapter. Don't want to spoil too much.
Just read it.


Frogman Chapter 25:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Frog25

Bla bla

Don't get used to it.
On a better note. We got a new cleaner for Smash! Banzai!
Once my exams are over, I'm gonna go wild <3


Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 22:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai22

Reducing the pile

Generally when there is no release for a long time, ready work tends to pile up.
At least in this case :)
Well we're trying to catch up, so if you're a magazine cleaner, apply!
On a side note:
Next Kanokon release will be delayed. Editor is on a trip over the weekend and I have exam on monday.
Expect it sometime later in the week.
Kurohime is nearly finished. Hopefully in the coming week.
Smash has some chapter coming in the week too.
And lastly, Frogman is on the way too.
End of status report.
(Series that weren't mentioned above solely rely on my whim atm. Meaning I can't be bothered atm)


Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 21:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai21

And it's back

It's been some time since we had a release of this.
Main reason is the hard to edit raws.
If you're an experienced magazine cleaner and want to help, apply!!
Else you gotta wait for this to be released.


Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 20:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai20

Not motivated

Quick drop-by to release this.
I hate studying....
1 more week T_T


Smash! Chapter 137:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash137

The Reader Moved

Well, yeah, as the topic says.
The reader changed url.
So all previous links in the release post are invalid. And I'm too lazy to fix them all.
Just head over here.
Also, I'll add a link to the Reader of each series at the project page.



Some new stuff for you.
Your weekly dose of Kanokon and some Smash.
Expect more soon.
Still recruiting.


Smash! Chapter136:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Smash136

Kanokon Chapter 31 + Extra:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kanokon31


I'm in a kinda good mood today. Might have to do with what Kundy posted on the forum <3
Anyways, we're still recruiting. Specially Proofreaders. Come and Apply!!


Frogman Chapter 24:
Mediafire || Read Online

I guess I'm kinda important

A week ago I entered Exam-mode and as a result most of the staff thought it's alright to slack off.
Technically, NOTHING was done since last week Monday.
Only my loyal Knight Kundumstaf is working hard.
So we're recruiting, read the recruitment page for details.
For now we'll only be releasing stuff Kundy works on. Means Kanokon and a bit of Smash.
I'll try to get a weekly schedule for Kanokon despite being busy with exams.
Also, IRC ONLY RELEASES until someone applies-.-


Kanokon Chapter30:
Mediafire || Read Online|| !Kanokon30

Edit: Added MF and Reader. Hf.

Oh? What is this?

Fooled you good with saying no release today, huh?
No, really, I was surprised too :)
It's all thanks to our new Typesetter Treilanin. Welcome on the team.
He worked previously on Smash under Bado-Scans and is now back :)
With that we're starting into the 15th volume. Not much left :)


Smash! Chaper 135:
Mediafire || Read Online

New Series

I just have to release this now.I worked my butt off for this...
Tanks come out on 06/01/2011, scanned shortly after, obtained at 9m of the 7th. Translation started at 10pm. 2:49am of the 8th, finished editing and now release.
Quite fast if you ask me.
Anyways, about the manga:
It's from the same Author of Smash!, Saki Kaori-sama!!!
Hajimete Datteba!
It's seinen and rated mature. Consider this if you DL it.
It's a really fantastic story, and as you would expect of Saki-sama it has badminton in it :)
If you wonder about the cleans: Bad raws+speed editing+lazy editor=seen result.
It's readable imo though.
Guess there won't be a release tmw.
Nothing is even near of being done :)
See you next week with more release?^^


Hajimete Datteba! Chapter 01:
Mediafire || Read Online

You know hard it is to come up with something for this...

Next chapter of Kanokon. Nothing much to say.
We're in the middle of negotiations with another group that wants to work on this project too.
If you're lucky that means releases will come out faster.


Kanokon Chapter 29:
Mediafire || Read Online

So, yeah, it's back

Took awhile. You know why.
Anyways it's back. The action is great.


Frogman Chapter 23:
Mediafire || Read Online


Omg! It's over!
Let me thank all the staff that worked on this project!
And uber super mega special thanks to powha! For this fantastic color page, he did for this chapter!
Love you powha!
Unfortunately I couldn't use it as release pic since it's too spoilerish.
Anyways, Black Wing's first finished project!
It was a great pleasure working on it.
Please buy the books to support the author, once they came avaible in your region.
Thanks for reading!


Ginen Shounen Chapter 20 END:
Mediafire || Read Online

Nearing the end

Okay, at first I wanted to make a double release today and end this manga. (Chapter 20 is fully done)
But then I remembered I asked powha to color a page from chapter 20, so I'm gonna wait for that.
That page truly deserves to be colored, so it's surely worth the wait.
And this way you can suffer better over this cliffhangar :)
Also dun mind the crappy redraws, I had no motivation to do them right...


Ginen Shounen Chapter 19:
Mediafire || Read Online

Well, yeah...

I said I quit being an editor and here I am editing Ginen Shounen...
Well, I can make excuses like it's a special case, since the Manga is already over and I want to get it over with.
But it's not like anyone of you is gonna care who the hell edited the chapter, as long as it is done fast.
2 chapters left after this. I think you can guess what follows tomorrow...


Ginen Shounen Chapter 18:
Mediafire || Read Online

End of Vol 14 and...

....the end of our regular releases.
As of now I used up all chapters I prepared beforehand. Neither Cleans or Translations are done at the moment, nor do we have a Typesetter for Smash. If you can Typeset, previous experience needed, and want to work and Smash, apply~ If I'll have to do it myself, fast release will be even more unlikely.
Some other stuff in the following days.


Smash Chapter 134:
Mediafire || Read Online

New Series

My editor, Kundumstaf, wanted to work on this for a while now and I finally gave in and TLed it.
So here is a new project: Kanokon.
And you already get a double release.


Kanokon Chapter 27:
Mediafire || Read Online
Kanokon Chapter 28:
Mediafire || Read Online

Guess it's time.... confess my undying love for whale-chan.
Whale-chan, I love you!
On a different note, we're recruiting Typesetter, mainly for Smash. Get me on IRC.
And now some Smash.


Smash Chapter 133:
Mediafire || Read Online

Not much left

So, I have two chapters left of volume 14. After that Smash's gonna take a small break.
Gonna bring you other releases though :)


Smash Chapter 132:
Mediafire || Read Online

Kurohime is back

Okay, it has really been some time since we released this. The next chapter is also already out.
Well you all know the circumstances that lead to this, so no need for further explanation.
I hope we can get back on track with our other series soon. Meaning Frogman :P
For now,


Kurohime Chapter 78:
Mediafire || Megaupload || Read Online || IMS

Happy New Year

2011, Weee~
Here is a little something to keep you busy while you're curing your hangover.
Kurohime later today or tmw. Kajii has the files.


Smash Chapter 130:
Mediafire || Read Online
Smash Chapter 131:
Mediafire || Read Online
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