Happy Incoming New Year

Last release of the year!
Get wild tonight!
Thanks to Powha for the colour page!


Smash Chapter 128:
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Smash Chapter 129:
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I'm thinking what to write here....

We're recruiting Magazine Cleaners for this Seires, Kaitaishinsho Zero. We're currently 21 chapters behind.
The only thing that slows us down are the cleans. The greys are quite difficult. So we would like people with experience. If you're interested get an admin on IRC. We'll be waiting for you!!


Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 19:
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Densetsu no Smash no Densetsu

Okay, I marathoned Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu in 2 days. Nice one. Bit disturbing last episodes and even more disturbing ending, but oh well.
Sometime inbetween I fixed this chapter, tried to fix my bicycle when it was -5°C outside (needless to say, it ended in a total disaster) and learned some korean.
Gonna repeat this cycle today too.


Smash Chapter 127:
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When the monsters creep in the shadows

I have nothing to say.


Chapter 126:
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U didnt see this coming

or did you?
Either way, here is the next chapter.
Start of vol 14.
Still recruiting a magazine cleaner for Kaitaishinsho Zero. I wanna release faster. Get me on IRC :)
If the typesetter work like they're supposed to, you get kurohime and kaitai this year.
All other projects will unfortunately have to wait till next year.


Smash Chapter 125:
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I dun really want to write a topic....

So, this is the end of volume 13.
It's just some extra fan-service chapter.
Enjoy it nevertheless.
Vol 14 needs kinda serious fixing and I'm lazy, so don't expect a release tmw.
I'm recruiting a magazine cleaner for Kaitaishinsho Zero. You need previous experience and must be able to clean one 18-paged chapter per week.
2nd, I'm recruiting typesetter. Also previous experience needed. I need one for Smash and one more if I get a cleaner for Kaitai.
Get me on IRC if you're interested.
Kurohime coming soon.
For the rest of the projects: When I feel like it.


Smash Vol 13 Extra Chapter:
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Some leftovers

These are the last fixed chapters I have. I have 11 more chapters, but they need fixing, but that I will do slowly.
So enjoy your last mass release for now.
As I said, bot gets the release earlier (I upload bot first, then Mediafire and reader. Post on page only appears when MF and Reader are up), lucky for those that are on the channel. Those who read this, too bad, you're 40mins too late :P (I hate my upload speed....)


Smash Chapter 122:
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Smash Chapter 123:
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Smash Chapter 124:
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Merry Christmas Part 2

Sorry about yesterday. It totally skipped my mind that the bot might die T_T
I will provide Mediafire and Bot from now on. And obviously the reader. Though all these upload times gonna kill me...
Anyways, don't flee the irc channel :) Stay and chat :) As a bonus, Bot releases will always come first :P

Also forgot to mention it yesterday, but:
7) My request system is abolished.

Onto the releases:

Smash Chapter 119:
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Smash Chapter 120:
Mediafire || Read Online
Smash Chapter 121:
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(Yesterday's releases are on the Reader and in the Mediafire Folders, Enjoy)



Two weeks without a release. Quite a long time when you're used to regular releases.
Anyways, this period gave me enough time to think about the situation.
And following changes aply from today onwards:

1) Black Wing haz IRC since last week: #BlackWing@irchighway.net
2) Comments are closed until Nanoha gets a 4th season. Say your thanks in irc.
3) With a irc channel now, we'll go IRC only release. Can't be bothered to upload 4 different times anymore.
4) I hereby retire as an active Editor. I'll solely concentrate on translation now.
5) Influenced by 4), there will be no longer regular releases. I release when I feel like it.
6) PROzess no Shoushitsu.

That's all, onto the releases now:
I wish you all a merry christmas and these are my presents to you:
Smash 116-118: Actually I wanted to release 2 whole volumes, but I screwed up the cleaning while typesetting and I didn't have the time to fix them all.
Otomari Honey 19-20: Sorry that it took so long. All my projects suffered under the mass releases of Smash.
Ginen Shounen 17: I wanted to release all remaining chapters today, but my editor couldn't make it. And with point 4), there is no way I would do them. Be patient for the rest.

Triggers for each chapter can be found in the topic of our channel.
Enjoy the holidays~

EDIT: I killed the bot. SORRY!!
Releases are on the usual Mediafire Folders.

Dun Dun Dun

Attention whore or whatever, I don't care what you call me.
I just wanted to bring attention to the guy that continues to abuse scanlator.
Thanks for all your comments. Guess I won't go into retirement.
You won't get any release yet though.
Right now I'm thinking on how to go on if I should use watermarks.
Also I disabled comments, so such a drama won't happen again.
Wait patiently and hopefully see you soon~

No releases for a while. See you on christmas.
Update 2:
We haz IRC now. Join us at #BlackWing@irchighway

Advent Calendar Day 13

End of Volume 12.
(No, I have nothing more to say. Really)


Chapter 115:
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Advent Calendar Day 12

In response to the current heated comment discussion:
Black Wing is not picking up any projects at the moment. At least not ones suggested by non-staff.
Uzumaki The Pain is obviously a lonely troller who seeks attention in the world. If you check his blogger account you see with what sh*t sites he's affiliated with. You're better off ignore him. Same goes for a guy called Rajin. Judging by the fucking horrible english both use, they might even be the same person. Who knows.
I'm not gonna delay Ginen, since I would feel sorry for the other Ginen Fans.


Chapter 114:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Advent Calendar Day 11

It's been a while since we had unpleasent news.
Let me remind you.

The 7 day wait-period to upload our releases to an online reader applies TO ALL READERS.
Only exception is our own reader.

For pleasant news, I updated the Project Page, check it out.


Chapter 113:
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Advent Calendar Day 10

Already the 10th.
Thanks for all your comments until now, and please continue to give them :)
As for our other series (Kurohime, Otomari, Forgman), be assured they're also being worked on and you'll surely see release of them in this month. Just be a bit patient :)


Chapter 112:
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Advent Calendar Day 9

As expected of Ginen, the comments sky rocked immediately.
Anyways, more Smash!


Chapter 111:
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Advent Calendar Day 8

Besides the daily releases for the advent calendar, we of course don't want to forget about the group itself.
Today I present you our 100th release (and 101th and 102th xD).
And since you pleaded so much for more Ginen, I picked two chapters of it for this occasion :)
I now you will love it.


Smash Chapter 110:
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Ginen Shounen Chapter 15:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Ginen Shounen Chapter 16:
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Advent Calendar Day 7

Anything I need to tell you? Nothing in particular....


Chapter 109:
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Advent Calendar Day 6

Every good advent calendar has a bigger window for the 6th (St Nicholas) and for the 24th (Christmas).
And obviously Black Wing's is a good one :)
So you get 2 chapters :)
As for what chapters are inside the calendar: Not telling you :) It's more fun not knowing what you get^^
For this occasion I present you some new credit pages too :) One you can see above :)
Also thanks to Powha for the color page :)


Smash Chapter 108:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 18
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Advent Calendar Day 5

Online Reader is up again.
Big thanks to n0c0ntr0l.


Chapter 107:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Edit: On request I added Deposit Files Folders on the Project Page. But the files on deposit files expire after a while when they're not used, so there might be some missing chapters. Just get those from Mediafire.

Advent Calendar Day 4

4th one already. How time flies. And it's the start of volume 12.


Chapter 106:
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Advent Calendar Day 3

Not much words again, just: I realized chapter 103 got over 1000 downloads from the links I provided.
That's a first for all the chapters I released of smash! so far. Yay!


Chapter 105:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Advent Calendar Day 2

With all these releases coming, I'm not gonna bother with special posts.
So short and sweet


Chapter 104:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Advent Calendar Day 1

You all were already pretty excited about a triple release, then what are you gonna say about this:
I present you
Black Wing Advent Calendar
For you, who don't know what that means:
Everyday in December until Christmas, we open one "window" with a little gift behind it. And since we're a manga scanlation group, that gift will obviously a manga chapter :)
So if you want your gift, visit every day :)
Unfortunately, because this involves a lot of releases, it would overload the online reader server. I can't provide you with our own reader this time. Sorry.
Despite that,


Chapter 103
Mediafire || Deposit Files

The golden 100!!

Yo, people~
we finally reached 3 digits!!
To celebrate this great event, I present you 3 chapters!
Anything more to say? No! Grab the chapters and


Chapter 100:
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Chapter 101:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Chapter 102:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

P.S.: Christmas gets closer~

Hit and... Ehm I mean, Release and Run

Short release again. Busy. Busy. Busy.
Dedicated to the unpatient Hulk Joulupukki :)


Chapter 99:
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Release Bla Bla

I'm busy, you know what's it about, therefore not bothering a long post.


Chapter 98:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

It goes on...

Uploading more than 2 chapters for one release is just a pain for my internet connection...
So I delayed this chapter till now. Right now sitting at my parent's, with super speed~ I can upload all three links (MF, DF, Reader) at the same time and still browse the site. My internet won't let my browse with just uploading to MF... I'm gonna miss this...
Anyways, here's your next Frogman.
Grab and


Chapter 22:
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'Sup people~
Not only is it time for new Smash!, but we're reviving a project.
Kaitaishinsho Zero is back! Successfully stolen from IMS.
J/k, they knew of it.
Thumps up for Edek, for jumping in and cleaning this! Thanks, dude!
Get the chapters and


Smash! Chapter 97:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 17:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online || Page 16 Resized

P.S.: After uploading it everywhere I noticed page 16 of Kaitai wasn't resized... Too lazy to fix all zips, just get it seperate new. Sorry for the trouble.

Start of Volume 11

Here is chapter 96 of Smash, the start of volume 11.
As for Hose in the Ginen Shounen Chapter, yeah it's supposed to be Josè, but when I QCed I forgot it.
He's gonna disappear in the next chapter either way, so who cares how he is called...


Chapter 96:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Finally time for some Ginen!!

I kept you waiting long enough!
But as compensation you get 2 chapters :)
Next chapter will be next month, I'm still quite busy with stuff this month. Sorry.
Grab them and


Chapter 13:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Chapter 14:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Yet another celebration

This time it's to celebrate my 300th Translation :)
It's been  453 days since my first release, and a few more since I did my first TL.
My first ever TL was done in german. It was a manga called Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu. I showed it to my japanese professor and he told me it was a indeed correct translation, but still too literal. So I polished my skills a bit more before I released my first chapter of Smash! on 17/8/2009 :)
To celebrate this I wanted to give you 2 chapters of ginen, but they're still not done T_T
So you'll have to be satisfied with just a chapter of Kurohime.


Chapter 77:
Mediafire || Read Online || iMangaScans

You know the procedure....

Yeah, it's Thursday again.
Sorry for the monoton releases of Smash!
I'm quite busy with Uni and dun get much time to do different stuff. And as you all know Smash! is my highest priority. Just bear with it a little bit longer. 2 Chapters of Ginen are in work (or rather 1 is in work and the other is just waiting for the first), so they should be released soon.
Kurohime is somewhat near completion too. I think...
Eh.. Yeah... Grab it and


Chapter 95:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Party, Party, Party!

Yo Folks!
It's my birthday~
And instead of getting presents, I present you with some awesome chapters :)
Some long awaited Ginen Shounen.
A day earlier Smash!, no release tmw then, with an awesome color page from Powha.
And finally some Frogman again.

Also some sad news again.
An idiotic Online Reader site removes all credit pages from chapters they host.
I ask of you that you don't visit them.
Here an answer from them to my request to include the credit pages:
E-Mail Reply

Another sad news: Genocider Mami is dropped. Our raw-provider and project initiator went MIA. With no raws and motivation we decided to drop it.

Also thanks for the lots of comments :) Please continue to comment :)


Smash! Chapter 94:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Ginen Shounen Chapter 12:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Frogman Chapter 21:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Eh... More Smash... Yeah...

All my plans for the day got screwed since I had/have to hold an ice pack against my cheek-.-
Screw you dentists!
Anyway, QC was possible with just one hand, TLing not T_T
I know lately it's all smash releases, but don't worry, the other projects are in work. Just slow.
Be a bit patient. (It surely will be rewarded)
Don't forget to comment, it raises my spirit if I see lots of thanks :)


Chapter 93:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

It's already monday over here

Specially early release~
It's nearly 1am here, so I can release it :)
But I'm so sleepy I dun know what to write.
Ah, yeah.
Thanks for the tons of comments. As long as I see so much support, I'll continue providing you with manga :)
So don't stop now even though the case with Mangafox is resolved :P
And yes it is resolved, so let the topic die now.
Reminder: The 7 day wait perioed applies to all projects and to all Online Readers, except our own.
Well okay, leave your comment and then


Chapter 92:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Special Comment Answer Corner:
Since there were a ton of questions in the comments, I'll try answer a few:
To the idea of only providing the download links after 7 days, I don't like this idea, since it would hurt the leechers who rather DL than read online. (I, myself, am such a person)
As for watermarks, I will consider that idea if trouble raises against.
At the present time, no project is dropped.

Hope it clears it up :P

Truly sad...

Unfortunately nobody cares about the Scanlator's wishes anymore.
Leecher complain day in day out.
Online Reader host horrible resized Images.
And top of it, it's illegal what we do.
The life of a Scanlator is truly sad.

Of course I knew Ginen would be uploaded to Mangafox, and be it just so I would drop Ginen (Yes there are a**holes out there who would do that).
Honestly, I HATE people who complain or abuse us, the scanlators.
Mangafox claims they wouldn't stop hosting series, since the groups are just be after the money they get when people visit their site or DL their links or for fame, but it's Mangafox itself that seeks fame, and with the works of others on top of it!

I could go on this endless, but I better don't.
I posted on Mangafox that I want to have a 7 day wait period on all my releases. I truly hope that will be accepted. Else I'm really gonna drop the projects. As I said on some topic on Mangafox:
I do Scanlation for fun, and things like that rob me of the fun. And without fun there would be no use in continuing it. Mangafox might not care, since my projects are like a drop of water in the sea, but I bet a lot of you would be disappointed to see the projects unfinished.
Anyways I'll continue to watch the situation and do as I see fit then.
And starting with the last release, we got our "own" online reader now. Thanks to n0c0ntr0l from IMS. Without a 7 day wait period just for this one.
At all other Online Reading Site: The 7 days wait period applies to you as well!!
Respect at least this wish of mine.

Okay, I hope I can get you some more releases over the weekend.
For now, just


Chapter 91:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

 P.S: Comment more if you want to help me overcome this crisis. Lots of comments (thanks) make me more motivated.

It's Ginen!

The next chapter of Ginen! With color pages!!
Some changes as of now:


If this isn't followed, the project that was uploaded is immediately dropped. Other readers or archive sites are still fine. But Mangafox is the only exception. Don't ask why, just take it as it is.


Chapter 11:
Mediafire || Deposit Files  || Read Online

P.S: Thanks to n0c0ntr0l from IMS we have own online reading, enjoy~

Pair up time!

Yeah, I know. Releases are a bit one-sided at the moment...
But dun fear. Kurohime and Ginen are both in work.
Just enjoy this awesome Smash! chapter for now.
Btw, I'm still searching for some dedicated Redrawers for Smash.
It would ease my burden a lot.


Chapter 90:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

P.S: Mediafire fixed~

Smi Sma Smashu!

I present you the next chapter of Smash!
This time the girl's side of the badminton club~
Also, I had some relocating of staff, so as of now, I'm recruiting 1 Typesetter and Redrawers for Smash!
I'm only recruiting people, experienced in the position, since I have no time to train you.
If you're interested mail me under p-scans@gmx.de
There more help I get on Smash!, the more likely are faster releases on other series. (I'm not recruiting any helpers for the other series, I'll continue to do them myself, so better help out on Smash!)


Chapter 89:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Why can't everything be so easy...

...then I could throw out releases like garbage!
Well, here is the next chapter of Frogman. Someone requested a preview pic, so I added one~
It's the last of Vol 02. But fear not, as I mentioned before, I have the tanks raws of Vol 03, so steady releases are ensured. (Probably, lol)
Kurohime just got out and is getting my immidate attention.
Ginen will have to wait for after. Sorry.
Busy. Busy. Busy.


Chapter 20:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Umm.... No idea....

I should release less, since I have no clue what to write here...
Either way, it has no Yuuhi T_T
Read it nevertheless.
Gonna TS Frogman now, and then hand over to QC.
Ginen TL most likely tmw.
Still no new Kurohime raws T_T
Next Otomari should come this week too.
That's it for an update.
Also thanks to all Donators. My raw-provider has ordered his new scanner. Thanks!


Chapter 88:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Future Time!

Here is the promised next chapter of Ginen Shounen *cough*
Yeah, sorry. I'm a bit sly. It's the next chapter, but it's just a special with just 6 pages :)
I'm pretty busy this weekend and weekdays I'm low on motivation cuz of uni T_T
But the next chapter will come soon, just gonna finish up Frogman c20.
A few more comments would be nice too :)
Btw, do you like the new layout? The previous one broke and can't be used anymore T_T
Now go and


Chapter 10.5:
Mediafire || Depsoit Files

Frog, Froggy, Frogman

Here is the next chapter of Frogman!
Just one more and we're done with vol 2.
And I just secured the tank raws for vol 3 :))
So you can continue to enjoy your fast release.
Grab it and


Chapter 19:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

More Smash!

As you may have noticed, the theme broke and since I let someone else set it up for me (Me having no clue about this), I had no other choice to change it to simething simple again, till I get to speak to my helper again :)
So bear with this layout for a while.
And of course releases won't stop because of this.
Here is the next cute chapter of Smash!
It has Yuuhi action~~~~ <3 <3
Frogman is in QC.
Maybe some more Ginen on the weekend.


Chapter 87:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Celebrate the Winter

In celebration of the beginning of my next uni term, I have two lovely chapters for you.
Ginen will soon see a bit more regular release, when I finish up with the Vol 02 of Frogman.
As for Smash!, it's the start of a really lovely volume :)
Look forward to more.


Smash! Chapter 86:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Ginen Shounen Chapter 10:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Passing through~

Okay I just finished watching the 2nd season of Nanoha again.
Awesome stuff. Really.
Time to celebrate that with a release.
But I also have sad news.
The scanner of my Raw-Provider broke and he needs a new one.
Since he uses it for scanlation only, I think it's appropriate to fund that with some Donation.
Since he would pay it out of his own pocket otherwise.
So if you like our scans and have a bit of money to spare, please Donate through the button on the left.
Every bit helps!
Downloading per Deposit Files too!


Chapter 18:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Halfway through!

We're halfway through with Smash! Just 9 volumes more to go!
Can't wait for the awesome vol 10!
This chapter has plenty of Yuuhi, so it's totally awesome.
Also, next Frog is done, but my QC is lazy and thinks you don't need the release yet, so bear with it~
Me is lazy watching loli atm, so I'm not gonna whip him.


Chapter 85:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Hardcore Ecchi

You think you're used to ecchi?
You're already happy with just a panty-shot!?
Then read this and faint.


Chapter 18:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Sweet Monday~

It's time again!
And we're nearing the end of Vol 09.
Lacking the motivation to write anything more...


Chapter 84:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Ecchi~ Ecchi~ Frog~

You want swimsuits?
You want boobs?
You want more S-action?
You want cheese?
This chapter has it all!


Chapter 17:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Better late than not at all

Finally it's time for Kurohime again~
We had some dealy with this chapter, but it's ready now~
The action is getting quite hot~
Stupid ~ at the end of every line~


Chapter 76:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || IMS

Already the next!!

Yeah, you see right! It's already the next chapter!!
The ecchi increased a bit compared to the previous chapter.
And just wait for the next one <3
Just awesome.
More release later :)
For now,


Chapter 17:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

P.S: I just saw, that the labels aren't shown on the posts anymore T_T Gonna see if I can fix that.
P.S.S: YealoFTW fixed the labels <3 Big thanks!!

New Layout!

Thanks to my cute YealoFTW, we now have a new layout!
With this new layout come the pages 'About', 'Projects' and 'Donations'.
There you can now get detailed information!
I also added a shared Mediafire Download Folder for those Projects I upload. You can find all the DLs there again :)
Hope you like it~


Giri Giri

Phew, still made it today :P
Here is the promised Ginen~
And I must say, it's one hell of a chapter.
Unfortunately, I think you have to be patient till next week for some more.
Gotta do some other crap first :P
(Hopefully, when those raws arrive)
But you know me, I'm pretty spontaneous. I might throw in a chapter of Frogman over the weekend. You never know.
And now,


Chapter 09:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Time for Smash~

My redrawer (request) ditched me on this chapter, which made first totally pissed, and second nearly despair, since this chapter had 37 redraws. But it was too early too despair, because Kumdumstaf is just too awesome. I just told him to typeset the chapter, but he still redraw half of them :) The leftover ones were done by Archknight and YealoFTW. Big thanks to these two, for their speedy work on this spontaneous task. Good to see, I still have friends I can count on :)
But I really would like to have a constant redrawer for this project.... Always searching for people every week is really tiring.... Is there nobody besides me who likes to work on this project? T_T
Also you get some Ginen later. Just have to wait for QC.
Over and out.


Chapter 83:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Our last secret project~

It's finally time to reveal the last project!
An ecchi manga called Otomari Honey, where a boy lives together with 4 girls!
We start from chapter 16, since scanlation left off there.
Raws weren't avaible public, but that didn't stop us!
Thanks to our kind Donators who made this project possible!!
Also thumps up on Kundy who edited this chapter just today :)
All in all this chapter was done within the last 12h :P
Yes, we're just that awesome.
Expect some more release of it soon~
Now go and


Chapter 16:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

P.S: Oops, the credit page says Raws: Imangascans T_T Of course it's: Black Wing. But I'm not bothering a reupload for that.

[Insert something interesting here]

Too much releases, too few ideas what to post...
Well here is your new Smash!
With a pleasant surprise at the end!
Guess some Ginen will follow later, if I'm not lazy and my proofer is around.
Regarding our last secret project and that involving chapion red ichigo magazine, I hope my raw-provider stops slacking and gets it done soon :P
I wanna release it as bad as you want to read it. xD
So yeah, for now


Chapter 82:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

A lucky day

Proofer and QC were around, so why not finish it quickly?
Great Ecchiness again~
I don't have more to add....
See you tomorrow with the next Smash!


Chapter 16:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Photo Time

As promised, here is the weekend release~
After the big cliffhangar in the last chapter, here is the solution~
Thanks this time goes to TheGodfather from IMS.
I'll start working on Frogman now, but release will be on Tuesday I think. We will see.
For now


Chapter 08:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Nother Froggy~

Yo people~
well, I know it's been soooooooo long since the last release.
And I really apologize for this looooooooong delay.
But be at ease, you got 21 pages full of greatness now~
As I'm finally done with my catch up on piled up translations, I guess I will do some Ginen soon.
Check the site :) There will be a release or two over the weekend :)
And now,


Chapter 15:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Blubb Smash! Blubb

I get desperate finding titles for release posts-.-
Well whatever, here is next Smash!~
There are some nice panels towards the end (You'll know once you see them :P).
And I think I did a pretty good job joining that double spread :)
(Yeah, I just had to boost my ego)
For your info, next Frogman is already proofed :)
Next release will be later today or tmw. (Though I guess tmw, since I have to do Sankarea today)


Chapter 81:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

A manga nobody cares about~

It has really been a time since the last chapter.
Not my fault though. TL was done a month ago.
Actually this is also the last chapter of the joint with IMS.
With me going freelance, Kaitai was one of the projects I dropped.
IMS found a new TL, so they'll continue it alone.
So check their homepage for news.


Chapter 13:

Faster than the wind~

Here is the next chapter of Frogman already for you~
Again it has a quite nice double page :)

Nothing much to say...
Just look post below...
Ah, right, remember to DL from DF if you have time, thanks~


Chapter 14:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Later than normally, but better than not at all :P

I thought I had to skip today's chapter and throw you some other manga to keep you obient, but I guess that's not needed :)
The links for the cleans were wrong, so I worried what to do, but my lovely Foxxy managed to get me the right ones on time :)
/me hugs Devilfox.
Now to the bad news of the day: I have to go to work this night T_T
Bright side: I just have one week left of work~

Good news of the day: The other manga I wanted to bait you with instead, is currently in QC, I think I'll release it today too. I mean it's done and all. And I NEVER delay releases... Yeah, never...
Trust me.... perhaps?
Well just check in later, for now


Chapter 80:
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Now a different Duo strikes!

Well, yeah. As I mentioned in previous posts, I was just waiting on the editor to release the next chapter. But today, when I finally met him on irc (after a lot of timezone troubles), he told me he can't finish it fast. Since the script is laying around now for some time, you guys are getting impatient and I'm already seperated from my XBOX for now, I decided to get this out too.
Big thanks to the proofreader of Maigo this time: Pyon!
So here is the next chapter, with the biggest cliffhangar you ever saw!


Chapter 07:
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The Duo strikes again~

Yeah, I know I said I wouldn't release anything over the weekend, cuz I'm playing FF13.
Well, yeah I'm playing it, 14h in, already on disc 2 (of 3).
It's great, awesome graphic, but I yet have to come to the point were I can freely choose my party T_T
Hope I get to that tmw^^
Ah, yeah, back to topic. Since Galooza was so nice and already finished chapter 13, I didn't want to hide this pleasure from you.
Camp school is over and we're back at the school pool~
Nice chapter with a double spread :)
And now,


Chapter 13:
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Chapter 79 of... Smash!, what else :P

It's that time of the week again~
And I must say some awesome chapter. Even though I dun like Miwa anymore, since she cut her hair. I still was a bit moved.
On another note: Yamato dies. Actually he had a chronic heart disease.
*moment of silence for Yamato*
And regarding Ginen, still no word from the editor :P Sorry.

Countdown till I play FF13: 24h :)
That's all~
Over and out~


Chapter 79:
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New Froggy~

The glorious 2-man team strikes again :)
It's always a pleasure to work with Galooza :P
(Okay enough sucking up, on to the actual chapter:)
I said we would speed it up, and we did :)
Camp school is already over now (thank god, that was a boring arc, more swimsuits we need!)
And on a side note: I'll be getting FF13 on friday and then play the whole weekend :) So no releases during that time (probably).
If you're lucky I get Ginen TS before I start my FF Spree and I'll release it quick :P


Chapter 12:
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Smash! Chapter 78

What to write....
Eh... Well...
Here is smash....
That's it?
Maybe some Ginen later today...
Dun know about the timezone...


Chapter 78:
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Ginen Shounen c06

Finally some more Ginen~
Been awhile, but I have more time now, so I hope I can get this out more regular.
Frogman releases should come out more frequently too.
Well yeah, nothing more to say...
More Smash! tmw...
So just


Chapter 06:
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Frogman Surprise!

Well, yeah I have plenty of time now :)
Lucky for you, since you get more chapters now~
Here is next Frogman for you, cleaned and TSed by me~
Hopefully I get some Ginen done today or tomorrow too :)
Just in case, check the page regulary xD
And I already got my first customer, yay~
This system works so very nice :)
And now,


Chapter 11:
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More Smash!

Yeah, lol I finished unexpectly all redraws yesterday.
With my new system, there were people who didn't accept it and began to rage at me, but lol, like I care xD
My projects are now down to half.
To clarify things I'll list what I still do:
Smash! (obviously)
Ginen Shounen [Lol, yeah all Black Wing projects obviously]
Kettama [Galooza is always there for me :P]
Amagami LGO
Amagami SY
Sankarea [All simple projects, since they helped me great deal with smash already]
Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi Nara [also get help from Maigo]

Any other project I did in the past, will now have to be requested.

There will be another surprise this weekend I guess. I have lot of free time now :)
Hell maybe even two :)
Okay that's all for now.


Chapter 77:
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PROzess goes Freelance!

In reaction to most of my staff on Smash! disappearing in the last 2 weeks, I decided to change my way of working in scanlation.
Basically it means: I QUIT all groups and work as a freelance translator.
It works like this: You come to me and request one chapter to be translated. It canalwys be just one chapter of a manga. Then I'll hand you a precleaned chapter of Smash! and you will redraw it. Timelimit for the redraws will be one week. In that time I'll mostly finish the TL too. If I don't know you, I ask you to redraw the first half and show me, before I start with my TL. The TL will only be handed over when I have ALL redraws. Trusted Sources (Reliable people I worked with before) can get the TL before handed me the redraws or even get the TL without having to redraw right away (Like when I'm out of raws, it will be then put in the waiting list). If I happen to have no raws for Smash!, you're unlucky and I probably won't accept requests.
Request can be either put in here or you can find me on IRC.
Now as to what you have to "pay":
A chapter of the length of 1-20 pages: 2 chapters redrawn
A chapter of the length of 20-40 pages: 3 chapters redrawn
A chapter of the length of 40-70 pages: 4 chapters redrawn
A chapger longer than 70 pages: Depends, raws will be checked and value decided then.
For each chapter you have 1 week, deadline is generally Saturday 24:00 GMT +1 (Find out what's for you yourself), execpt if I say otherwise.
Since I'll only start on the TL when you showed me the first half (In case of a weekly TL, 1 chapter redrawn), you ought to be fast.
As for crediting: Just credit me as PROzess and no need for seperate group. I won't credit you in Smash! as a seperated group either, just your name under "Cleaners".

The only exeptions to this change apply to the projects of Black Wing, Kajii and Devilfox.
If I don't get requests, I can live with that too, since I have then time enough to redraw Smash! myself.
Then hopefully see you in the request corner :)



Yeah, my redrawer for chapter 77 ditched me.
So no chapter today.
Guess I'll bring you a double release on monday then.
Have to redraw the whole chapter myself.
And some ugly ones are in there.
Good-bye to my weekend.
Relating to this incident, I (or rather my projects) will undergo a drastical change (execpt smash, it will only get better for it).
Sorry again and see you on Monday~

I still made it~ Smash 76!

What a day...
I came back from work, look in my QC section. And what I see: Nothing. The chapter for today wasnt typesetted -.- So what to do? Myself, yeah. But not exactly. Some "kind" guy jumped in and said he would TS it for me. Well, later it shows he used the non-proofed script and a way too small font size. Had to redraw it all. So yeah, well, I still made it. But I'm tired as hell.
On another note:
I'm lacking Redrawer and Typesetter for Smash!. If you have experience, free time and want to help, contact me: Either through mail (p-scans@gmx.de) or in IRC (Channels like: Simple, redhawk or imangascans [I know, we don't have our own oO]).
As you know we have a twice a week release schedule and I would like to stick to it.
@ Applying Redrawers: Be warned, there are quite a lot (small) redraws in each chapter.
So now have fun with this chapter while I go to slepp~


Chapter 76:
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Presenting: Smash! 75

Here it is~
First off: Big thanks to Izzy and Methy from Simple Scans, who helped me out with this chapter.
My ususal Editor is moving, so I had to improvise. Thanks god those two stepped up :)
Nevertheless I still had to do 3 redraws and the TS for it :)
My redraws are page 16+17, 20 and 22. Be at awe :)
This chapter is the end of volume 08 and got 2 double spreads (really nice), though I dun know why.. the only special about this chapter is, that it's the end of a volume... Well whatever.
I think I wanted to write more, but I already forgot it, meh.
Remember to DL from DP, thanks~
And without further ado


Chapter 75:
Mediafire || Depost File

Smash! 74~

New week, new smash.
I'm running out of ideas what to write...
Well, it's the second to last chapter of vol 08. Next week we start vol 09. I can garantuee that will be great. Though Yuuhi got no scenes, we got to see some great badminton action.
Makes me quite excited. I wanna play again too xD, but no time T_T and more importantly no opponent.
Yeah, so...

Just Enjoy~

Chapter 74:
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Smash! Chapter 73

Okay my new keyboard is ordered. Damn expensive....
Hope it arrvies soon~
Anyway not much to say...
I'm tired a bit lately...
Soon weekend, and some catch up with my projects. That will be fun.
Bla bla bla


Chapter 73:
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P.S.: Argh, mistake from my side T_T
This chapter was proofed by Malkavli! Thanks for his quick help on this! I'm really sorry.
I replaced the chapters with right creditpage and also fixed another mistake.
Sorry again~

Just one day late (puh)

Okay, I borrowed some old keyboard (roughly twice as old as me-.-) and got this chapter done.
My poor G11 with all it's great hotkeys... I miss you already.
It's really a pain to work with this standard crap...
It's just tuesday, but my week is already the worst T_T
Stress in scanlation, stress with parents, keyboard dies....
I need the weekend T_T
Well w/e...
Just to boost my ego in this rotten time, the double page is done by me :)
And now without further ranting from my side:


Chapter 72:
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Sorry no Smash!

I was about to QC Smash!, when my keyboard died and I no longer have access to my desktop computer, which has all the files on it.
I'm writing this from my laptop, but this is missing various programms and I can't really use it for scanlation (well execpt translation, it has word duh).
Borrowing a keyboard is impossible too, since my brother is a hardcore gamer and needs his own 24/7 and my parents of course only have a laptop too, duh.
I don't know what wrong yet, guess I have to buy a new one..............
Maybe see you tmw~
I'm really sorry for this T_T
I hate killing my own schedule. T_T

Smash! Chapter 71

It's time for some Smash! again~
Though Yuuhi actually went back last chapter, we get to see some glimpses of her here :)
Really nice~

Btw, raws for our third secret project are orded, thank you donators~
I estimate release in around 2 weeks though, shipping takes a while T_T
Remember to DL from DP, thanks~


Chapter 71:
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Promised Ginen Shounen

And here is the chapter I promised yesterday~
We all get sleepy sometimes, so forgive kundy :)
Chapter 5 marks the end of vol 1.
And thanks to our kind donators, we ordered Vol 3 (which goes on sale today), so we're all set on raws.
Hopefully I can get some chapters done again soon.

Now Enjoy~

Chapter 05:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

P.S.: Yes I labeled the Mami chapter wrong. Sorry for that. It is the proloque and therefore chapter 00, but oh well... now you have a wrong named folder... World's not gonna end.


Well not Black Wing's, but mine.
Yes today marks exactly a 1-year time after my first release of Smash!
I started at chapter 31, and looking back, honestly it sucked. Cleaning and Typesetting wise. The translation should be overall okay :) Though overtime I polished my skills there too :)
I had a lot trouble with Smash! and only when I created Black Wing, I could ensure regular releases of Smash! Me doing Preclean, Translation and Quality Check for it, are one reason, Great team members the others :) Thanks to all the great guys who followed me to Black wing :) It would totally impossible to release regular without you.
In this 1 year I managed to translate 204 chapters (at least that's what I roughly found after searching for textdocuments in my Scanlation folder) and the other jobs I don't even want to count.
Smash! has still a long way before it and I haven't lost my motivation, rather I'm even more fired up, so releases will keep rolling :)

To celebrate this historic moment, I present you 3!! chapters!
But I'm afraid they aren't of Smash!, but instead of our "side" projects.
The first chapter is from Kurohime. Nothing much to say here :)
The second chapter is the introduction of one of our new series: Frogman.
It's a swimming manga. Ecchi. Scanlation was on hold for a time and we decided the manga was too good to be forgotten.
The third chapter is also a new series: Genocider Mami. It has the same artist as Kurohime (though to me there is nearly nothing familiar...)
It's a nice battle manga and was introduced to me by one of our cleaners/proofers/raw-provider Solowing. :)
Actually I wanted to give you a foruth chapter, namely Ginen c05, but my typesetter seemed to have fallen asleep and didn't finish it :)
Guess you'll see it tmw.
Now without further ado


Kurohime Chapter75:
Mediafire || IMS Homepage

Frogman Chapter 10:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Genocider Mami Chapter 00:
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There she goes~

It's really sad, but Yuuhi is alread leaveing us again T_T
I really hope we see her again soon!

Thanks to our donators, we were able to buy the first raws now :)
Thank you very much~
If you donate in the future, please add a name/nickname you want to be credit with as donator.
We respect privacy, so I'll only add names on the list, I got confirmation from.
Also thanks to all those who use depostifiles.
You ought to check the site tomorrow. It'll be great. I promise. Really.

Now Enjoy~

Chapter 70:
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More Yuuhi~

Yeah, again a chapter with Yuuhi, though a bit less than the previous.
Still cute~~
Nothing interesting happened since the last post, so I can't really write anything more....
Though if all people would use DP instead of MF, it would really help :)
But it's your call. Big thanks if you do :)

Just Enjoy~

Chapter 69:
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Goddess Yuuhi~

Another awesome chapter full of Yuuhi!
Hang in there Yuuhi~~

Well the possibilites with this site are limited. So the Donator-List you see on the right, is the best it can manage (at least to my knowledge and my lack of time at the moment xD). Still hope it satisfies you :P
Remember to use deposit files :)


Chapter 68:
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Kaitaishinsho 12

Yeah it took a while, but here is the next chapter~
Too lazy too post anything more.
I'm busy catching up on various things~


Megaupload || Mediafire || Deposit Files || Reader at IMS || IMS Homepage

Smash! 67~

Today I bring you two great news.
First: Another Chapter of Smash :)
Though it's kinda sad T_T
Second: We recieved donation :)
Special Thanks to Robert S. for donating to us.
I'm in the middle of thinking up how to add a list of all our great donators (I hope there will be more in the future :P) to the site.
I think I'll get it done on the weekend.
If you have money to spare and are kind enough, then please donate :)
For one of our projects (still secret atm :P sorry) we have an unclear raw source. So we might need to order more.
If you don't have money to spare, you can still support us! With downloading from depositfiles.
With enough downloads there, we get money from them. I set up both MF and DP, but if you can wait 60 seconds, then please use DP. It really helps us :) Thanks~
Ok enough said :)


Chapter 67:
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New Donate Button!

Well we actually have all Raws for our main project Smash!, but with the unexpected growth of the group, we took on more projects or would like to take on more.
But we are missing a few raws for that. So I hope you can help us out here :)
For example we miss chapter 12 of Ginen Shounen, as I stated often before, and it doesn't look like we get our hands on it. We therefore would need to buy the volume.
So if you have a bit of money to spare and want to see more fantastic releases from us, please donate :)
I most likely will also set up a depositfile acc, where you also then can support us by downloading our chapters from there.
Thank you very much~

EDIT: Okay depositfile is set up :P
And to test it, here are the covers for vol 6 and 7~

Vol 06 Cover:
Deposit Files
Vol 07 Cover:
Deposit Files

Smash! Volume 08 Start!

I worked on saturday, I worked on Sunday... And the sunday shift was a night-shift T_T
I'm tired as hell. But I bring you Smash!
It's the start of the super awesome Vol 08!!
I don't want to spoil anything, but the first half of the volume is super amazing~
Well at least I think so :)
With the start of vol 07 I forgot to add the volume cover T_T
For vol 08 now I included it. I will do a batch for volume 7 the coming days and add the cover there. So if you want that DL it :)

Now Enjoy~

Chapter 66:

New Smash!

Well since nobody wanted to donate me 700€, I had to find a job.
I'm working since yesterday, but I got quite nice working hours. I'm at home at 2:15pm :P
That still leaves me enough time for scanlation. But I'll still put Ginen Shounen on hold for now.
I wanna study a bit too, and all those QC jobs are driving me crazy.
I'll definitely resume it! So don't worry. (Well worst case would be in october where my jobs ends :P)

But now to the reason of this Post xD
It's the last chapter of Vol 07! I don't wanna spoil you, but it got a surprise!!
And stay tuned for Vol 08! It'll be super awesome~

Enjoy it!

Chapter 65:

Smash! Chapter 64

It's monday. I had my history/economic/politc exam today. Think I passed. Barely though :P
Tmw my last exam and I'm FREE~~~
Well at least for 1 week... Then I have to earn money for my next term oO
(Someone wanna donate me 700€?^^)

For the chapter:
The action ends, the conclusion comes, and cheers to all Anan-haters~


Chapter 64:

And here it is!

The next chapter of Ginen Shounen!
What will happen to Matataki from now? Stay tuned for me~
Welcome Fairy as the new cleaner for it~
I'm too busy picking up new TL projects, so I can't keep doing it alone anymore.
Guess I need to find a TS for it too...

As for our other new series. They're a secret until they get released :)
But you can be sure, it'll be awesome ones!

Rant again: Still searching c12^^ You know the procedure :P


Chapter 04:

Smash! Chapter 63

Ok here is the next chapter~
The matches heat up! What will happen? Find out!

On a side note: We'll be releasing soon a lot (and I mean a lot) of new series! And with soon I mean next week at earliest.
Look forward to it :)

And as a little teaser: Vol 8 of Smash! is super cute~~~
Also: I'm still searching for Ginen Shounen c12. You know what to do :) Thanks~


Chapter 63:

Double Release

Today I have 2 releases for you!
The first one is the next chapter of Kurohime~
The second is also a joint with IMS. It's Kaitaishinsho Zero~
You can find more DL links and online reading on Imangascans' Homepage.


Kurohime Chapter 74:

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 11:

More Smash

I'm running out of ideas what to write. Seriously...
I had japanese exam today. Nothing special. Just afraid I again didn't score a perfect one T_T
Well to the chapter:
Nothing special too...
The games continue...

Just Enjoy

Chapter 62:


Okay, good thing I QCed this yesterday, cuz atm I have a serious headache and no motivation to do anything besides sleeping (which I'll do after this post :P).
Damn hot weather and rooms without AC :(

Well into the chapter~
The action starts! How will it end?


Chapter 61:

Delayed Smash! T_T

First off: Let me sincerely apologize! This late release is my fault alone, or rather the fault of a shitty train company.
I was stuck at the house of my parents yesterday and today, since I hade some stuff to do there.
But because of some bad storm that messed with the train's electric lines the trains weren't running at all those 2 days and I couldn't get home. Therefore no release yesterday.
So again sorry for that.
I hope I won't have to delay a chapter ever again.
This chapter is the setting chapter for some nice action~ (Too spoilerish again?)
But there is still no trace of Yuuhi T_T

Also your comments are always welcome :) I realized I had set comments to registered users only till now, but I changed that now. So you can all comment now :)
And please do so :) Specially if you want to see more Ginen :P
I work on that only on the side, and if the resonance isn't great, it will take longer to release :P
Well for smash it won't hurry up the releases (since there already the fastest we can manage) but it would still be nice to see some more comments :)

That were some nice rants....

Now Enjoy

Chapter 60:

More Ginen Shounen

Yeah time for chapter 03~
Pretty sweet chapter :)

And regardings the Smash! release tomorrow, I'll be gone all day and can only release it at midnight my time-zone. Just wait patiently for it :)

By the way I'm still searching for c12 of Ginen, so if you come across it, please let me know :)


Chapter 03:

Smash! c59

And the next chapter!
I'm afraid this chapter again has no Yuuhi T_T, but we still get to see something cute!

On a side note:
I'm missing chapter 12 for Ginen Shounen and the download of chapter 10 hasn't progressed at all for a week now T_T If someone should came across those chapters, please be so kind and redirect them to me :) Thanks~

Now Enjoy

Chapter 59:

P.S: Thanks to Spiritovod I have ch10 now :)

New Ginen Shounen!

Actually I wanted to spend the day doing stuff for Uni, but I got my stuff done faster than I thought. So here is the next chapter of Ginen Shounen.
Too lazy to say anything more.


Chapter 02

Smash Chapter 58

Again a new week~
With everyday my exams come closer and with everyday I get even lazier!
I wanted to do another Ginen Chapter over the weekend but instead I watched Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou all sunday.
But to not to waste the day, I got my lazy ass up and QCed Smash!
The match gets really heated up, but we still got no Yuuhi, and won't for a short time T_T



PS: Played around a bit with the colors :P

First Side Project!

Yeah it's the revelation of our first side project!
And it's Kurohime!
Yeah I brought it over from IMS, since all the staff for it followed me.
But since I owe IMS a lot for giving me the Smash! Raws, this will be labeled as a joint project.
Enjoy your chapter, with finally some Zero again.

You can grab more download links and online reading at IMS Homepage.

Chapter 73:

Thursday = Smash!

And back to a Release people actually care about~
We have Thursday, so it's time for Smash! Chapter 57!
No Yuuhi this chapter T_T, but finally some badminton action again!

On a side note: I hopefully can you present you our first side project soon. I was told the chapter was ready but the TS is MIA, so just wait a bit longer.
And yes, ginen shounen didn't count as one of our side projects, since I'm doing that all alone (at the moment at least) and since I run this group might as well release it under that name.
As a reminder, all our projects besides Smash!, don't follow a set schedule. They will be out when they're done.
That's all for now. See you next Monday (or perhaps earlier?))~


Chapter 57

And it's a new Serie!

This is a new Serie, I picked up spontaneous after reading the Manga Shout Out on Mangahelpers.
It's called Ginen Shounen and is about a boy who can see the future of the girl he likes when he looks through his camera.
Sweet Story~


Chapter 01:

And it's Monday!

Like I said, Monday is our release day.
And here is the next chapter of Smash!
We're already on vol 07!
Everything goes like planned.
I'm totally satisfied, but some more comments would be nice :P

Enjoy your chapter

Chapter 56:

Next Chapter

I already present you with the next chapter of Smash!
Monday and Thursday will be our release Days for Smash from now on, so check the site on these days :)
Please also comment, it always encurages the staff to work harder (at least me :P)
Another sad chapter of Yuuhi


Chaper 55:

Black Wing Opens!

Welcome to Black Wing!
I had some trouble finding dedicated staff for my project Smash!, so I decided to found my own group. We'll be sure to bring you Smash as fast and as good as we can.
Smash! will be our main project, though we will do 2 others as side projects. Look forward to these too.
Initially I wanted to create a blog on wordpress, but my internet doesn't like wordpress and just isn't loading the page. So I spontaneous decided to switch here. I just created this blog moments ago, so please excuse the simple design. I'll work on it as soon as I find time for it.
Now enjoy our double release to celebrate the start of our group!

Smash! Chapter 54:
Smash! Chapter 0:

Chapter 0 is an extra chapter at the end of volume 6, but since it's a standalone chapter I decided to throw it out to you now, since it doesnt really make a difference when you read it.
It's a really sad proloque T_T

Enjoy reading!
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