Chapter 79 of... Smash!, what else :P

It's that time of the week again~
And I must say some awesome chapter. Even though I dun like Miwa anymore, since she cut her hair. I still was a bit moved.
On another note: Yamato dies. Actually he had a chronic heart disease.
*moment of silence for Yamato*
And regarding Ginen, still no word from the editor :P Sorry.

Countdown till I play FF13: 24h :)
That's all~
Over and out~


Chapter 79:
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narengoku said...

Thank you for the chapter...I also like miwa with the long hair...

Anonymous said...

I prefer the short hair myself... Thanks for the chapter.

Also I was wondering... Is it true that Yuuhi and Shota break-up near the end of the series? That would just ruin the story for me.

Pyon said...

Wow Kii, way to not do your job. <_<

Also <3 for new Smash

Anonymous said...

tq tq very much to blackwings..

keep up the good work..

Rav said...

When exactly does Yamato die, then?

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