The Duo strikes again~

Yeah, I know I said I wouldn't release anything over the weekend, cuz I'm playing FF13.
Well, yeah I'm playing it, 14h in, already on disc 2 (of 3).
It's great, awesome graphic, but I yet have to come to the point were I can freely choose my party T_T
Hope I get to that tmw^^
Ah, yeah, back to topic. Since Galooza was so nice and already finished chapter 13, I didn't want to hide this pleasure from you.
Camp school is over and we're back at the school pool~
Nice chapter with a double spread :)
And now,


Chapter 13:
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Anonymous said...

woot, thx for teh release.

Anonymous said...


Geese1 said...

Thanks for taking the time out to release this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the new chapter.I really enjoy this manga :).

No Comment said...

Thanks for more Frogman.

Pyon said...

Page 10/11 <33333

Anonymous said...

That blond coach is awesome. Thanks for the chapter!!

Galooza said...

Didn't want to make this chapter wait for too long. This one was too hawt <3

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