I still made it~ Smash 76!

What a day...
I came back from work, look in my QC section. And what I see: Nothing. The chapter for today wasnt typesetted -.- So what to do? Myself, yeah. But not exactly. Some "kind" guy jumped in and said he would TS it for me. Well, later it shows he used the non-proofed script and a way too small font size. Had to redraw it all. So yeah, well, I still made it. But I'm tired as hell.
On another note:
I'm lacking Redrawer and Typesetter for Smash!. If you have experience, free time and want to help, contact me: Either through mail (p-scans@gmx.de) or in IRC (Channels like: Simple, redhawk or imangascans [I know, we don't have our own oO]).
As you know we have a twice a week release schedule and I would like to stick to it.
@ Applying Redrawers: Be warned, there are quite a lot (small) redraws in each chapter.
So now have fun with this chapter while I go to slepp~


Chapter 76:
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Anonymous said...

Thank you. Made my long weekend better.

Anonymous said...

thx a lot man
i would like to help but i dont have any experience ^^"

Anonymous said...

tq tq

Anonymous said...


narengoku said...

Thank you man...

Anonymous said...

please enjoy your deserved rest :D
thx for the chapter

Farley said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the release! :D I've been looking forward to reading Smash! chapters ever since I realized it was being scanlated again. I had quit reading manga because most of the series I was following had stopped being scanlated, but to my pleasant surprise, you guys and Imangascans are doing most of them. So I've got a lotta catching up to do! ^^V

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