Nother Froggy~

Yo people~
well, I know it's been soooooooo long since the last release.
And I really apologize for this looooooooong delay.
But be at ease, you got 21 pages full of greatness now~
As I'm finally done with my catch up on piled up translations, I guess I will do some Ginen soon.
Check the site :) There will be a release or two over the weekend :)
And now,


Chapter 15:
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Geese1 said...

Thanks for the new chapter!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the new chapter.

ishraque66 said...

Thanks alot for the chapter. Looking forward to some Ginen.

blahz said...

tnx a lot for the new chapter.... :)

miden said...


Gerardo said...

WTF is with this cliffhangers, I need the next chapters!

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