Time for Smash~

My redrawer (request) ditched me on this chapter, which made first totally pissed, and second nearly despair, since this chapter had 37 redraws. But it was too early too despair, because Kumdumstaf is just too awesome. I just told him to typeset the chapter, but he still redraw half of them :) The leftover ones were done by Archknight and YealoFTW. Big thanks to these two, for their speedy work on this spontaneous task. Good to see, I still have friends I can count on :)
But I really would like to have a constant redrawer for this project.... Always searching for people every week is really tiring.... Is there nobody besides me who likes to work on this project? T_T
Also you get some Ginen later. Just have to wait for QC.
Over and out.


Chapter 83:
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translations! great quality and perfect translations. keep up the good work!

Farley said...

Yuhi was kinda jealous. LOL

narengoku said...

Thank you very much...

aaron6021 said...

i hope u make a nwe one of smash yuhi is jealous

Ong said...

Red card!!


Horizon said...

Thnaks for the new chapter

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