Frogman Surprise!

Well, yeah I have plenty of time now :)
Lucky for you, since you get more chapters now~
Here is next Frogman for you, cleaned and TSed by me~
Hopefully I get some Ginen done today or tomorrow too :)
Just in case, check the page regulary xD
And I already got my first customer, yay~
This system works so very nice :)
And now,


Chapter 11:
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Anonymous said...

Prozess how many chapters are already out in the japan?

PROzess said...

Quite a ton,
At least we have raws till chapter 34 :P
With more time now, I'll try to catch up~

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the new chapter.I really enjoy this manga :).

Geese1 said...

Decided to go ahead and pick this manga up now since I see you'll be (hopefully) coming out with steady releases.

Thanks for this, and looking forward to more Ginen Shounen!

ishraque66 said...

Thanks alot for the chapter and I too am like Geese1, looking forward to Ginen Shonen

Anonymous said...

Oh dang, I've only read the raws up to 31. I can't get my hands on 32-34. D:

Thanks for the release!

Galooza said...

And I've got chapter 35 :D

Anonymous said...

ty for teh release. btw, error on page 11 on the line "No! I can't thing about that now!," should be "think".

No Comment said...

Oh awesome. Thanks for more Frogman.

blahz said...

tnx for the chapter,,,need more frogman

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