Now a different Duo strikes!

Well, yeah. As I mentioned in previous posts, I was just waiting on the editor to release the next chapter. But today, when I finally met him on irc (after a lot of timezone troubles), he told me he can't finish it fast. Since the script is laying around now for some time, you guys are getting impatient and I'm already seperated from my XBOX for now, I decided to get this out too.
Big thanks to the proofreader of Maigo this time: Pyon!
So here is the next chapter, with the biggest cliffhangar you ever saw!


Chapter 07:
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Anonymous said...

Wow!! That was bold!!! Great, thanks for the chapter.

Anonymous said...

wowzer!!! Such a cliffhanger. wondering how things will turn out now that happened. Thanks for release. You guys are great

KaitoKief said...

Thanks for the chapter^^

Geese1 said...

Thanks for this - two great mangas in one day!

blahz said...

you can start ur ff13 spree now......its a gr8 chapter

Okashira said...

This one has some pretty cool moments, it is getter better and better.

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