More Smash!

Yeah, lol I finished unexpectly all redraws yesterday.
With my new system, there were people who didn't accept it and began to rage at me, but lol, like I care xD
My projects are now down to half.
To clarify things I'll list what I still do:
Smash! (obviously)
Ginen Shounen [Lol, yeah all Black Wing projects obviously]
Kettama [Galooza is always there for me :P]
Amagami LGO
Amagami SY
Sankarea [All simple projects, since they helped me great deal with smash already]
Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi Nara [also get help from Maigo]

Any other project I did in the past, will now have to be requested.

There will be another surprise this weekend I guess. I have lot of free time now :)
Hell maybe even two :)
Okay that's all for now.


Chapter 77:
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Anonymous said...

So what did you cut down? O.o
I see all the stuff I want to read up there...

narengoku said...

Thanks for continuing smash man.....

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