Towards the Future

Once upon a time, there was a single high school student.
The student loved to play games. He had friends who shared his passion.
Together they conquered various games.
But one day there was a chance.
A friend introduced something strange to the Student.
It was a series about a strange dude dressed in orange and calling himself Hokage.
Later the Student should come to realize that this was known as Anime.
So, yes, I was a Narutard.
I immediately got hooked on it.
While watching at least 5 episodes per day, One Piece replacing Naruto after that was done with, I still played another Doom known as World of Warcraft.
While everything went well with WoW, I watched various Anime on the side.
With time I also adventured into the Manga scene, though just lightly at the beginning.
One day my WoW Guild, which I sacrificed the majority of my time to, broke down.
To be honest, that wasn't the first guild that died on me, nor was it the first trouble I ran into.
Just that this guild lasted for the longest and even had friends of my real life in it.
With the break down of that guild I decided to put an end to this meaningless game.
From then on I devoted my whole time to Anime.
150-200 Episodes per week were the norm.
With time I reached a point where I watched most of the mainstream things and began to wonder what I should do now.
Looking for recommendations I joined various forums.
Through that I found my way to my excessive obsession of manga.
Now half my day consisted of reading manga, the other half was still watching anime.
Meals were just quickly in-between.
Getting to know more and more about Japanese, I developed the desire to learn it myself.
First I just studied the hiragana/katakana and some random useful words.
Seeing just how many Manga/Anime are out there, I started to think what I can do to help spread the love for it some more.
That was the start of me trying to join the scanlation scene.
Being still a novice to japanese I thought about joining as a cleaner or typesetter.
It took me a week each to complete tests of various groups. Being said that those test were just about 2-3 pages...
So yes, I sucked. The scanlation teams I applied to thought so too.
I wasn't able to join anywhere.
But that didn't kill my motivation.
I thought to myself if I can't clean or typeset that just leaves translation.
I ordered various japanese textbooks and studied.
Yeah, lol. I studied.
As crazy as it sounds. It was the first time in my life that I voluntary picked up a textbook.
And it just didn't end with that.
I spend the majority of my time studying. Leaving the Anime/Manga just for a few hours at night.
I spend tons of money on books and even went to expensive evening classes.
But the effort paid off.
When I was about to finish school, the question of what to do after came up.
As I actually had fun studying japanese (yes, FUN. I couldn't stop myself from studying more and more oO), why not take it to university?
I joined an University with a bilingual translation course. My second language being decided later as korean.
With meeting up with various professors from university regarding japanese, I handed one of them a translation I had made for a manga.
I got a positive reply from him, just saying I was still too literal.
Encouraged by that, and I think you know what I will say now, I picked up Smash!.
In the past I played badminton a lot. I think I had been doing it all in all for 10 years or so.
But I have to say, I was never a big-shot. I was just satisfied with running over the field.
Having myself playing badminton I tried out reading a sports manga, namely Smash!.
Upon seeing that the scanlation group died for it, I decided to pick it up myself.
This was the start of many happy but also sad memories. Of various hardships, but also great encounters.
As you all know, I came really obsessive towards Smash!.
But to be honest, the story itself actually wasn't really worth that much.
The only thing I can say at this point is that my obsession came from the fact that it was the first ever project I decided to translate. To prove that fact, once I finished Smash in April this year, I lost the majority of my motivation.
Over the time I joined various Scanlation groups. I dare to say that I'm a fast translator and a single group couldn't handle my speed, leaving myself impatient. I wanted to do more. Which probably was the start of my downfall. Shouldering around 20 projects by myself, being in over 5 different groups at any time and later even managing my own group.
While I still had Smash! to cling to, I somehow managed it. Though there were still troubles on the way:
Trolls on the site, the Christmas Troll as I would like to name it.
Scanlator's selfishness, leading into changing my ways to freelancing.
Leaving alone the fact that some shitty group offered me help on smash soon after I started and settling with a decent group as a joint partner immediately after, the first group I actually joined was a random small shoujo group.
As mentioned before, a single group couldn't keep up with my speed.
So I kept searching for projects that I liked and tried joining those groups.
The first to accept me on my quest for more projects was Imangascans.
Being a novice with barely any experience at that time, I had immense respect for big groups as Imangascans, Red Hawk or Illuminati-Manga.
Therefore applying to the first named, Imangascans, I was extremely nervous.
Getting accepted by them filled me with happiness. Which later should change into despair.
But let me describe the course of actions I took withing IMS.
I joined them as a translator for the series Mahoutsukai Kurohime.
They had previously wrote a recruitment drive for a translator.
But somehow their previous translator for it came back.
So I joined a group for a project that actually didn't need my help.
But oh well, seeing as how big the group was I agreed to take on a different projects. I immediately was bombed with various projects. Not all of them I saw through the end. Actually it's the majority that I didn't see to the end. Let me come to the reason for that.
After starting like 4-5 projects for IMS and joining other groups, my workload increased heavily.
But I could manage it. I chose by myself to join all these groups. I and they knew that one group just couldn't support my urge to translate.
But I then came to realize that everything except Smash got released at an immense speed.
To be honest, in all the time of scanlating manga I haven't meet even one scanlator who shared my passion for Smash!. The story might have been decent, but there was no one willing to voluntary work on the murder redraws Smash! had. Though I kinda understand it, there were really a pain.
Not being satisfied how slow Smash got released, despite me having piled up up to 10 scripts at each time and seeing how just about every other project I worked on got released twice as fast, I got fed up with it.
I threatened the groups I was in to help me with Smash. Seeing as they was no one volunteering to work on it, that was my only choice to get the releases to speed up. And why not? I mean I was translating a lot of shit for other people. Out of the 50 different series I translated over time, I can say that just only about a hand-full are projects that I choose to work on by my own interest. The other projects were just favors to other scanlators. I did those favors, believing some day they would repay me but I was gravely mistaken on that part.
When I threatened the groups, only ONE group honestly stood behind me. The name of the group is Simple Scans. They were other individuals who stood behind me and followed me to my then new created own group, but Simple Scans as the only group stood behind me with the majority of it's members (reading: those I worked with). Honorable individuals worth mentioning at this point are: Kajii, Devilfox, Kundumstaf and it the latter half Galooza. Of course there were other people, but those 4 contributed the most stuff for me and without them I would have long ago quit on scanlation.
Not to be an asshole at this point (which I am either way) but for records sake, the groups reacting the worse to my demand of help were For the Halibut and Red Hawk Scans.
To this point I still can't agree with their way of actions, but I don't carry a grudge against them anymore.
IMS was another group that didn't handle my request well either.
At that point IMS was the group whom to I provided the most translations. Getting a bit of help back in return wouldn't be all that strange. But unfortunately  it was just the Admin Kajii that stood behind me. However as his position as an admin he already had his hands full with lots of other projects and their was a limit to what he could provide to me.
I parted with most of the groups on bad terms and created my own group, Black Wing. From within the scanlators I worked with, those who were able to appreciate what I gave them before, various followed me to Black Wing.
Taking over various project I translated from the groups I left to Black Wing, my group grew kinda big with as I may say a pretty decent and steady release speed.
Creating an own translation-clean exchange system to advance the releases of Smash and lastly a desperate call again to my loyal fellow-scanlators I finished the last volume of Smash. Finally.
But the finish of Smash left behind an emptiness within me.
So far I did my best to advance the release for smash. But for what should I give my best now?
My major motivation then became then repaying the scanlators that stayed loyal to me. The plan was to do one project for each of them. I also decided to focus more on stuff that I would like.
That system was semi-effective. Having my motivation changed to simple favor repaying, the only thing that kept me going were the thanks of leecher or other scanlators.
But sadly people grew used to what they're exposed to.
Suddenly my all so fast translations were nothing special anymore. It became the norm. Leechers even grew that adapted to it that they shamelessly demand for more.
Then I got into a meaningless fight with another group that previously stole a project from us.
A silly actions. But that's how I am, always out for a fight. I destroyed more than one guild in WoW with that too. Luckily with WoW you could transfer your character to another server for a bit of money. Nobody knows you then and you can start afresh. A clear cut that leaves nothing behind.
That's not possible though for scanlation. Yes, I just might change my name and join other groups. But I still would be confronted with my previous work, my previous name.
That's why I put down manga translations. I wanted to switch over to light novel translations, but that wasn't possible either. I realized that I lost my drive for translating. Burned out.
My decision was supported through the fact that I would go to an oversea exchange to korea anyway.
And with recently getting to know that I failed my exam, I'm even less determined to continue any form of translating.
At first I wanted to take a break. That's why I did a few summaries. But that didn't suit me well.
Actually I enjoy the my free time more than I initially thought.
I haven't yet found anything yet to replace scanlation, but I'm sure I will.
That's why I wrote a long-assed post like this.
To put a clear end to this.
As of today, the IRC is unregistered and
Black Wing is completely dead.

There are a few translated scripts of mine left, and I'm sure with time they will get released.
I have been in business for nearly 2 years and have done 600 translations. A nice number to quit if I may say so.
I'll still be sometimes on irc, as I prefer to get my releases there.



I was ordered to read this light novel and seeing how the proloque was just 1 1/2 pages, I decided to do a quick translation.


TsukiTsuki Vol 01 Proloque:
Mediafire || !TsukiTsuki

Good Ending 88

Lately I don't like Good Ending. This chapter is yet another proof that the manga is just going downhill.

Seiji got back from the trip. All depressed he goes into his room, just to find a charm he bought with Yuki together. Reminiscing about the time with Yuki he gets even more depressed. The next day Seiji is absent from school. Eri and Co approach Yuki, and cautious ask why Seiji is absent. They purposely avoid the trip as a topic. seeing as Yuki doesn't look all that cheerful. The next day Seiji is absent again. Izumi then calls Seiji's home. His mother gets on the phone and tells Izumi that Seiji hasn't returned home since yesterday night when he went out for a walk. She got a call from him that he would stay over at a friend's house and thought it would be Izumi. We then see the house of the Shou-look-alike girl (forgot her name). In one corner of the room there's Seiji cowering, not saying a single word. The last page is Seiji getting hugged by the girl. End of Chapter.

The plot is just getting stupid. I just hope Seiji gets at least a shot with that new girl.

Cage of Eden 99

99 basically is just one big fight.
Akira and Co got back to the base, just to find it being attacked by the Kangaroos. For a while we see all people getting beat up by the Kangaroos and running around in panic. For example Fake Miina rescues Real Miina, just to have Akira rescue the two after. Rion and Rei are carrying Oomori and her tits shortly flash. Unexpected is also that the girl who seemed to be in love with Hikime, Kirino saves the girl Hikime saved, Takahashi. Her reason is that Takahashi has to treasure the life Hikime sacrificed himself for. Anyway, with everyone screaming and jumping around, Akira once again remembers Miina's words from before. The weakness of the Kangaroos. It has two: It only can advances forward and weights 80kg, so that it can jump 3m. With this info, Akira comes up with a new plan. His previous plan was to let the animals take out each other, but with just the Kangaroos here it doesn't work. Akira grabs a rope and shouts to the others to come running his way, preferable with the Kangaroos right behind them. On a certain place Akira stops and tells the others to jump to the side. The Kangaroos, only capable of going forward, run towards Akira. Upon reaching him with a jump, the pit-fall-trap activates. Akira together with all the Kangaroos falls down. But of course Akira is safe, since he had the rope tied to himself and had entrusted the other end to the Prez. The day is saved.
End of chapter.
More soon.

Cage of Eden 98

Time for the next chapter.
Akira and Tokiwa, the girl, are heading out in search for Hikime. Suddenly they find the birds and tigers fighting each others. Also, nearby they find a bloody uniform. Thinking that the uniform belongs to Hikime and he got eaten already, Akira decides to go on the offensive. Before he said that he had a plan to defeat all 3 animals at once. He now shares his plan with Tokiwa. They both charge at the birds. Based on the weak spots Miina told them, Akira formed a plan. The birds are bad to make turns. So once you dodged one attack of them and got near besides them, you are at the advantage. Like that Akira manages to overpower one bird. Tokiwa attacks the other birds in the same way. The plan then proceeds to the second stage. The tiger might be the strongest hunter, but based on Miina's story, their fangs are easy to detach. While the tiger attack the now weakened birds and have their fangs occupied in crushing the birds, Akira and Tokiwa have time to aim for their fangs. They manage to tear of the fangs of the tiger. Imitated the tigers leave. The birds are also wounded so bad, that they can't move anymore. Then suddenly Hikime appears. While fleeing from the birds he tripped and lost consciousness for a while. But else he is fine. Akira again notices how Miina was all right with her words and that there has to be secret behind that. The three of them head back to the base. When they reach the base, they notice a commotion going on inside. The kangaroos are attacking the base. The chapter ends with a Kangaroo jumping an attack on the two Miinas.
More soon.

Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora

Dun Dun Dun.
I reveal to you my first light novel project:
Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora.
Long time ago I watched the anime and totally loved it. While searching for LN I saw this with 8 volumes, still untranslated. Perfect found.
I want to hone my translation skill into german a bit more, so I will be translating it (first) into german.
Though I already got many mails asking me if I would share my translation.
So I decided I would convert the prologue into english and release it too.
I activated the comments for this one, and if you like this and want more english releases, please comment.
I will definitely be doing the german version, though it's still unknown if I will make it public. Comments for that also appriciated.
First I want to recruit proofreader for it, but then I wasn't sure if I was going to release it at all, so I didn't accept anyone. The german translation shouldn't be all that horrible, a few wrong commas, but the english one certainly needs proofreading. But I just don't want to bother with that. Depending on the comments I will see how I will proceed.
Okay, then onto the release.


Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora Prologue:
Deutsch || English

P.S.: I'll update the pdf over time, so that every volume has one pdf.

Cage of Eden 97

Onto the next chapter.
With the whole group singing their mood get better. After that Akira is in deep thought. After getting asked what's up, he proposed to launch an attack on the animals themselves, instead of waiting for them. At the moment they still have the stamina, but they're out of food and water. Various methods then get dicussed within the group, like the birds have bad eyes in the night, what actually isn't true. Or surrounding the kangaroo and attacking it, which also falls flat since it can jump 3m. Suddenly the real Miina starts talking about the weakness of the animals. Upon more asking from Akira, she reveals weak spots for all the three types of animals, that are currently a threat to them. Akira asked Mariya to confirm it with his encyclopedia but it has no data. It also seems that Miina has animals drawn in her sketchbook that she hasn't seen before, which leads Akira to the assumption that something is up with her. Based on the facts Miina provided, Akira seemed to have come up with a plan. One that deals with all of the animals at once. And he plans to execute the plan alone. That immediately gets rejected by Rion, who calls him reckless. Akira argues that the other are too injured and a big group would danger the success of the plan. When he gets ready, they suddenly notice that a boy, Murayama, is gone. He was the one in the previous chapter who proposed the idea of sacrificing someone to the animals. They search the whole base, but Murayama is nowhere to be found. Murayama is out in the open with a stick and wants to kill at least one animals, so he can face the others again after his stupid act in the previous chapter. Before the scenery switches back to the base, we see a tiger up on the tree behind Murayama. In the base, Akira is about to go out, when Rion suddenly hugs him. She gives him one of her ribbons and ask him to definitely return it. Then another girl suddenly starts stripping... Unfortunately she wears bloomers. She wants to go with Akira, since it seems the plan needs a fast runner and the girl is/was in the track and field club. They both head out in search for Murayama. End of Chapter.

Cute scene between Akira and Rion. What's more, some bloomer action. What will happen next?
More soon.

Cage of Eden 96

Continuing where I left off with the last post, the girl returned alone from the river. She explains what happens and how Hikime sacrificed himself to save her. Another random girl, who seemed to be in love with Hikime, blames now the surviving girl and says she should have died instead of Hikime, since Hikime was a strong boy and therefore more useful than her. Oomori stops her though. While Mariya assess their situation again, he also speaks of an "invisible enemy". That's when the ostrich things appear again. They come close until the barrier and leave again after a short period. That attitude of the animals leads the group to the assumption that the animals are being wary. That they are just waiting for a good chance to attack. Oomori tries to console the surviving girl, who seems to blame herself now, when she suddenly collapses. She's down with a fever from exhaustion. Mariya explains that it puts a lot of stress on the mind being hunted by animals 24/7. Then once again the ostrichs appears. This time they come inside the base, past the barricades. Mariya explains that the animals got wary because they lighted the fire before, but now it's time they get over it. Some random guy propose to sacrifice one person of the group, so that the others can flee while the sacrifice is being eaten. Akira immediately punches him. Akira tells him never to say such a thing again and that he wont let him off as easy next time. This is what Mariya meant with "invisible enemy", their uneasiness. Strangely it doesnt get mention what happens with the ostrich at this point, but it seems that they left again. Oomori lies down with her fever and speaks with the surviving girl, who still blames herself. Oomori encourages her and says that the girl must have some kind of specialty to her. The girl then answers with singing. Oomori wants her to sing a song for her and she does so. After a while the whole group joins in the singing. End of chapter.

More soon.

Cage of Eden 95

I got more time to read raws now, so I decided to read CoE.

Last chapter, Akira, the monk and the hot fighting chick (yes I'm bad with names) were defending the base again against the kangaroos. In that fight Akira gets knocked out by one kangaroo. But the other two types of animals from before, the tiger and that ostrich thing, come again. All of the animals then fight over the "prey", Akira and Co, with gives them a chance to leave. Back in the base they discuss the stuff with the other and see that they're currently are hunted on by 3 different animals and therefore have to be on high guard. But they still have to take action as they have few food and water. Hikime then volunteers to go to the near river to fetch water. Some random girl offers help too, since Hikime has one arm injured. While these two set off to the river, Akira and Enken discuss Miina's sketchbook. Miina had sketched of various animals in her sketchbook and told Enken's grp about it. Enken wasnt all that keen to believe in that, but after grping up with Akira's grp he had confirmed with Mariya that all of Miina's knowledge was indeed correct. Enken also mentions that he never saw Miina write in her sketchbook before, but it's still filled with all the sketches of the animals. Meanwhile Hikime and the girl reached the river. As the girl starts to fill the bottles a lion appears from the river. Apparently it could swim. They both flee. But only the girl returns to the base. The others ask her what happened and she tells them that Hikime had sacrificed himself to save her. They all set out to find him, but all they find is a big splash of blood with Hikime's shoes and little knife he always carried. They are all devastated by the sight, but Akira brings them to go back to the base as it is too dangerous to stay there. End of chapter.

More soon.

Good Ending 87

I rarely laughed so much over a chapter.
In the last chapter we had Yuki and Seiji go to Yuki's old school, where she had sex with Tooru.
Now Yuki ask Seiji to have sex here with her too. She basically ask him to rape her: "I probably will resist like the last time, but I want you to continue despite that". She also reveals that all the places they had to before on their trip were places she hang out with Tooru. Yuki wanted to replace her memories of Tooru with memories of Seiji. In her opinion, having sex at the school is the only way to advance the relationship, since she noticed the advances from Seiji last night. Seiji refuses to comply to that decision. Yuki then propose that they break up and Seiji goes home in the train alone. End of chapter.

Just fucking hilarious :) Your girlfriend asks you to rape you.... God and I thought GE couldn't get any more stupid after all these sex-attempt-trolls, but I was wrong again. Guess in the next chapter Seiji will drown his sorrow in the lap of the Shou-look-alike.

Some more clean up

I had this translated for a while but screwed up the typesetting, so this was delayed.
I'll be finishing the last volume of Lost Seven as my final project.
After that I'll go into light novel translation.

My net is slow so grab your links over at scantily-cad.
Bot is updated.


Lost Seven Vol 03:
Scantily-Clad || !Lostv03

Cleaning up the Forum Part 1

 IRC only.


Kanokon Chapter 40:


Kaitaishinsho Zero c60

Since I won't TL anymore I can at least give you a summary.

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 60:

The title is Zero and Rei, whereas Zero is written as 0 like in the title of the series. For your information "rei" is also the japanese for zero. Onto the story, the Red Whale was completed and all over Japan the destruction starts. Meanwhile Soutarou got swallowed by the Red Whale. Worried about how powerless he is, he gets then saved by Momo, who is also inside the Red Whale. Aoi used the Zero Issue, the ball he hold on, and had it swallowed Momo. Momo is now inside that ball, which is inside the Red Whale. Upon meeting with Soutarou, Momo tells him about the other person inside the Red Whale. They both move to said person and find out that it is indeed Rei, the friend Soutarou killed with his own hands. Soutarou remembers the words of his father that Rei became the core for the Red Whale. Seeing as destroying the core also destroys the Disease Demon, Soutarou set the resolve to strike his friend once more. He tells Momo to give him his scalpel, but is unable to go through with the stroke. He then again falls into despair as he couldn't save his friend nor the bunch of other people, but still calls himself a doctor. After letting out a deep scream, something seems to happen with Rei. Meanwhile on the outside the destruction continues and its seems the Gods of Creation finally descends. That's where the chapter ends.

Next Chapter will be on the 8th of July. Expect a summary then, too.

Last Post

People don't seem to understand that there is an lack of translators in the scanlation community.
All these projects that I listed where porjects that I translated for either Black Wing or other groups.
I now have dropped ALL of them.
Meaning the other groups don't have a translator for it now. Some might be able to get a fast replacement, but some not. You will face a few delays on said series.
For now I'm going on hiatus for a uncertain time.
No release whatsoever.
Not even for attack how I said in the previous post.
If you think I'm childish, sure go ahead. I don't care.

If you have the time read this.
It reflects perfectly how the community thinks about scanlators and what faggots they are.


Black Wing is Dead

My Farewell Gift

We never should have touched Nozoki Ana.
This project only brought us pain.

I hereby declare my retirement from nearly all projects.

This will affect:
Immediate drops:

Amagami by Simple Scans
Otoyomegatari by Scantily-Cald
Let's Lagoon by Village Idiots Scans
Frogman by Black Wing
Kanokon by Black Wing
Otomari Honey by Black Wing
Hajime Datteba by Black Wing
Nozoki Ana by Black Wing

Will be dropped after a few chapters: 

Watashi ni XX shinasai by For the Halibut
Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi nara by Maigo
Sankarea by Simple Scans
Zentsuen no Tempest by Black Wing
Kaitaishinsho Zero by Black Wing

Will be finished:

Lost Seven by Black Wing and Scantily-Clad
Attack!! by Black Wing

Depending on my mood:

Kimiiro Focus by Black Wing

Those listed under "will be dropped after a few chapters" mean that I give those groups a chance to find a new translator and still translate 1-2 chapters until then.
Kimiiro is soley depending on my mood if I'll do it when it comes out in jap. If there is a grp who is seriously interested in this. please contact me so that I won't bother with it anymore.
As for all the project listed under "Immediate drop", any scanlator is free to pick these up.

Black Wing from now on will solely concentrate on those listed under "Will be finished".

This all can be backtraced because of this thread:

Nozoki Ana will be dropped by Black Wing and given to XscansX. They will continue the project alone.
We won't be joining on it.

My decision cannot be changed. I'm sick of this all.
I need to concentrate more onto studying now, since I'll be going to Korea in august.
Also, for a long time, it was my desire to translate a light novel, but because of my tons of projects I didn't got the time for it. Hopefully I will now get to it, though I haven't decided which one yet.

There will be a few changes regarding Black Wing.
Our own Online Reader will be abolished, or better let me say not updated anymore.
I will probably make release posts on this blog, but all distribution falls onto IRC. That includes the mediafire links too. Means, if you want the release, get on IRC.
We won't accept any applications. Projects are dropped and over. It's too late now.

As for the release now, it's my farewell gift to you.
The rest of the 5th volume of Nozoki ana.
Chapter 39 and 40 are slobby TSed by me, since on mangafox people apparently don't care about quality.
So why bother with a good TS?
39 and 40 are furthermore labeled as a joint with XscansX since their cleaner let me use his cleans for it.
My own editor went MIA and I'm sick of waiting.

I'm truly sorry that it hurts those leecher who aren't involved with this incident.

Enjoy and Farewell~

Nozoki Ana Chapter 39-45:
Get on IRC || !Ana39-45

People can't seem to read the topic. Last time here's Mediafire.

No release, but sad news

As I mentioned in posts before, I don't want to edit shit anymore.
Seeing as only one editor applied (and I havent heard back from him) we're dropping a few projects.
And this time it's final.
I'm sick of this all. People complain but never help.
Even if you come to apply now, it's too late.
Now to the projects that are dropped:

Otomari Honey
Hajimete Datteba

We still have one chapter of kanokon in editing, so that will be the final release for it.
There is no room for discussion.
Zetsuen will be dropped too if said cleaner doesnt respond anymore.
If another group wants to pick up any of these projects, feel free to.
My group runs on my translations only, and that won't change. Therefore I'm not hiring translator either.

Good Day

Edit:   Due to some rage war over at mangafox atm with some stupid leecher who can't seem to comprehend the situation, I'm gonna postpone further release until my mood gets better.

Nozoki later

Due to some reasons with our joint partner xscansx, I'm delaying nozoki a bit.
Have some Frogman as compensation.


Frogman Chapter 35:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Frog35


Amaru was getting annoying with his demands for more attack, and who are I to reject tha master.
So you get the next attack.
More to follow soon, hopefully.
While we're at it, you get a chapter of Hajimete too.
Let me use this occasion to recruit.
Currently I'm editing Hajimete and Zetsuen all alone (well sometimes a get a few helps), but I don't want to continue that.
If you don't want these series to be dropped, apply as Cleaner or Typesetter.
You must be experienced though, we don't train.


Attack!! Chapter 18:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Attack18

Hajimete Datteba Chapter 04:  NSFW
Mediafire || Read Online || !Hajimete04

Start of vol 05

We'll be "slowly" releasing vol 5 over the week, so there won't be gap until we start the joint.
Enjoy this vol 5, which imo is the most interesting so far :P


Nozoki Ana Chapter 37:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Ana37

Nozoki Ana Chapter 38:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Ana38

Surprise for you.

Yeah, all in all we release the whole vol 4 today.
Great, huh?
But wait, it even gets better.
I got a strange visitor earlier on MIRC. It was a staff member of xscanx proposing a joint with me.
After having a long talk with the leader of xscanx we both agreed that this stupid war is just a waste of resources. Therefore we decided to joint on this project. We put all our differences aside.
You leecher will surely be pleased as it means constant releases for you.
The thing is, we, Black Wing, already prepared released up until the end of vol 05.
This means that xscansx will stop releasing Nozoki for now and starting with vol 06 it will be a joint project with them.
A nice color page at the end, chapter 36. Done by our master Powha!
For now get the end of vol 04 and


Nozoki Ana Chapter 33:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Ana33

Nozoki Ana Chapter 34:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Ana34

Nozoki Ana Chapter 35:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Ana35

Nozoki Ana Chapter 36:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Ana36

Release spree....

Good day.


Nozoki Ana Chapter 31:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Ana31

Nozoki Ana Chapter 32:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Ana32

You takin' it up?



Nozoki Ana Chapter 27:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Ana27

Nozoki Ana Chapter 28:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Ana28

Nozoki Ana Chapter 29:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Ana29

Nozoki Ana Chapter 30:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Ana30

Some more ecchi

Like usual, here the LQ Speed release of Kimiiro.
The work on the tanks of vol 5 should soon start.
Nothing much to say.
Check by tmw for more Nozoki.
Over and out.


Kimiiro Focus Chapter 24:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiiro24

And there is more


Enjoy~ and 

Nozoki Ana Chapter 25:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Ana25

Nozoki Ana Chapter 26:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Ana26

Time to pay back

NSFW Series!!


Nozoki Ana Chapter 23
Mediafire || Read Online || !Ana23

Nozoki Ana Chapter 24:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Ana24

Nothing special

New Kaitai is out.
The plot thickens.
We're nearing the end.


Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 59:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai59

What the...

What's with all the attack release....
It's not like I want to release them, they are just ready...
My staff's crazy....


Attack!! Chapter 17:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Attack17


Technically I'm in no state to be releasing, but who cares....


Kanokon Chapter 39:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kanokon39

We're on a roll

Awesome right?
Me back to sleep.


Attack!! Chapter 16:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Attack16


End of volume 2.
9 volumes left T_T
What else could I write...
Ah, right.
We need cleaners + typesetters for the following series:
Frogman Clean+TS
Hajimete Clean+TS
Zetsuen Clean+TS
Kanokon TS

The first three are spontaneuos done by me if I'm in a good mood (which is rarely), so if you want to see them released faster, apply!

That's all.


Attack!! Chapter 15:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Attack15

Another Birthday

This time it's a pleasant occasion.

Gal is great help and responsible for Attack!! :)
Let's hope he stays anther year with us :P

Now to party with a "few" releases:

First we go, Lost Seven. The story heats up. Vol 03 is in QC and will most likely follow within this week.

Next we have, Frogman. Remember how I said I wouldn't bother with it? Yeah.... So much for it... But it's a good chapter. The beginning of a friggin long arc, that will last over the whole chapters left in vol 4.

Next is, Attack. It's Gal's project, so of course it must be in the release :)

Also some Kanokon. We're nearing the end. 8 chapters left. Let's see how long it takes us.

And as final, Kimiiro Focus. I said we would be redoing the chapters in tanks and here it is.
Your boobs in HQ.

Luckily I was at my parents over the weekend and could aready upload half the chapters there.
Nevetheless, I still need to add Mediafire and the Reader...
Since my internet is slow, that's gonna take a while.
At the time this is posted, only bot download will be avaible. The other links will slowly follow over the day.

tl/dr: Trying to be smart, huh? Too bad, go back to top and READ!
Don't forget to give Gal your congratulations.

Archknight wanted to get your attention to this:
Click me~
It are some nice photos he took at Anime North.


Lost Seven Volume 02:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Lostv02 || Scantily Clad

Frogman Chapter 34:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Frog34

Attack!! Chapter 11-14:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Attack11-14

Kanokon Chapter 38:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kanokon38

Kimiiro Focus Vol 04 HQ:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiirov04

And another one

I know you have been waiting for this.
We're nearing the end, and we're hoping to finish off this fast.
For that reason, why need an additional typesetter for this.
If you're experienced (yes, you need to be, we don't train) then go speak with Kundumstaf.


Kanokon Chapter 37:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kanokon37

It's going biweekly

Judging by the announcement for the next chapter on the last page, it's looks like it will be release biweekly.
Lucky for us.
I'l keep it short. I have a hangover and need to go back to bed.


Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 58:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai58

On this glorious day....

....our most annoying Lurker celebrates his birthday!
Happy Birthday, Joulupukki!!

For this unfortunate occassion, we present you with a few releases.
A new chapter of Attack, which shows the conclusion.

Frogman is back too, just for this chapter though. Our editor for it is currently busy, and I don't want to bother with it too much. Special thanks to powha again for this godly color page.

We got some twisty development in Zetsuen, don't miss it!

And we're caught up with Kaitai. With 57 we're switching to web raws, so the quality suffers accordingly.

If you se Joulupukki personally, give him a slap from me :)


Attack!! Chapter 10:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Attack10

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 57: (The credit page says otherwise, but Raws are web raws from Club Sunday)
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai57

Frogman Chapter 33:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Frog33

Zetsuen no Tempest Chapter 11:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Zetsuen11

Oh my Gosh!!

We have some actual on-court action!!


Attack!! Chapter 09:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Attack09

One more...

...and we're also caught up on this one. Yay~

Edit: Page 4 seems to be broken on the reader. Dunno why, just DL it on IRC. Fixed


Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 56:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai56

More volleyball...

....or at least that's what it should be about.
When will we be able to see a proper game? Vol 25?


Attack!! Chapter 08:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Attack08

Blogger problems

So there was this problem with blogger on wednesday, which got all posts deleted which were made after a certain time on wedsnesday and further posting wasn't possible.

And at last we had a chapter of your favorite Kimiiro.
With chapter 23 we're now caught up with the japanese raws.
You have to wait 1 month now for a new chapter.
Chapter 23 is not NSFW, so please be aware of that when you DL it.
The color page in 23 was done by our godly colorist Powha.
Tanks redos are in work, should follow soon.

I could give you an update on our other series, but I'm too lazy now.
Just know that we're working on it.

So onto the links.
Edit: I knew this was coming... The old posts got restored.


Attack!! Chapter 06 Version 2:
Click Here.

Kimiiro Focus Chapter 23:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiiro23

This is still going

After our impressive streak of mass release for this, I kinda lost the motivation when I read a complicated phrased comment on chapter 56. That comment made me believe Kaitai would be ending at c57.
Which resulted in the rumors spreading around that its over.
But with c57 actually getting released, I can say now: It's not over.
Kaitai will just change to a monthly schedule in web serialization over at club sunday.


Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 55:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai55

Start of Vol 02

We're starting to actually see some volleyball action.
And the romance doesn't come too short either.
All in all, quite the good chapter.


Attack!! Chapter 07:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Attack07

'Nother camp

They sure seem to have the money...
Share me a bit....
Anyways, 1 more chapter and we're caught up.
It'll be released before the weekend (if I get into an accident it gets released on the weekend)


Kimiiro Focus Chapter 22:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiiro22


Like I said, here's the next chapter.
Actually I wanted to release 22 today too, but on saturday my favorite manga got spoiled and I was in no mood to TL, nor to clean 21. So I just did 21 today.


Kimiiro Focus Chapter 21:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiiro21

End of Vol 01

First one down, 10 more to go.
Can't wait to finally see some volleyball action.

Edit: Links updated. The chapter was missing a page!


Attack!! Chapter 06:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Attack06

Nearly caught up

My backlog of translation has 1 chapter left. Then I gotta start TLing chapter 22.
If my memory is right, next week chapter 23 comes out. It's unlikely that I will have 22 released before, but it's likely that 21 will be released before.
So, new arc, new girl.


Kimiiro Focus Chapter 20:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiiro20

'Nother new series

This time it's a joint with Scantily-Clad.
Malkalvi found the series, I liked it, so we're doing it.
We know another grp already released the first chapters, but we thought we could do the series more justice, so we're starting from scratch.
Malk kinda decided to release, when I haven't had uploaded any files myself, so I'm just making this post now and adding the links in later.
For now you can grab the release on Clad's Depositfile or on their IRC, #scantily-cad@irc.irchighway.
My links will slowly follow during the day. Uploading a fucking whole volume with my internet takes forver...
Bot is up. Reader slowly updates with time. MF tmw.


Lost Seven Volume 01:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Lostv01 || Scantily-Clad || Depositfile

And it's back~

The raws came in, our new raw provider Whale-chan scanned it and I had the choice between playing FF13 or bringing you more Frogman. Not really a choice, I know. You see the result. All in all, it took us around 4hours to get this done. And with that, we secured the raws for the next 9 chapters.
Anyways, it's later over here, so Bot only for now. Other links when I wake up.

Edit: People keep complaining on how I delay the MF link. Well, duh, my internet just sucks, but now I will willingly delay the MF link for 24h. Get the fucking release on IRC. Hf~


Frogman Chapter 32:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Frog32


I know I said no more Kimiiro on the weekend...
But you know me... Always good for a surprise.
Enjoy this cute chapter, which surprisingly has no ecchi.
Flood IRC, then I will add MF.


Kimiiro Focus Chapter 19:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiiro19


I think this will be the last release of April, so let me say this:
We're fucking crazy. In April we had like over 40 releases....
How could we do that...
Just don't expect us to keep this speed up...
We certainly won't.


Attack!! Chapter 05:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Attack05

Not exactly on time

Took me longer than I wanted....
Anyways, this chapter marks a special occasion.
This chapter made Kimiiro my favorite ecchi series. I liked the series from the moment it was first posted in the IMS Staff channel, then Chapter 12 with Shinobu's appearance made me get hooked on it. And Chapter 18 gave it the final touch. You will understand once you have read it.
As you may know, IMS has dropped Kimiiro. Mostly being the reasons, that I as their planned TL for it fleed the scene. Nevertheless, kudos to IMS for starting it and letting me steal it so fairly. And speaking of fair, (which is the actual 2nd announcement) we're going to be doing a version 2 of the Chapter 13+ releases of Kimiiro with tankoubon raws. Look forward to that.
Like usual my memory fails me... I was sure it were 3 things I wanted to announce....
Can't really pinpoint it anymore, I will just say this instead:
Don't expect more Kimiiro this weekend. I'm trying my best to catch up before the next chapter (23) comes out in japanese, but I also need sometimes a break. Not to mention that I got a ton of other projects...

Mhm, got a real long rant. Ah, right. I feel the IRC is a bit deserted at the moment, so just Bot release for now. I'll add MF once I wake up tmw.


Kimiiro Focus Chapter 18:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiiro18


Been some delays on this chapter, sorry.
And its just 8 pages T_T
But it's Katsuko in her Loli-Form, so everything is forgiven.
If you wonder about Kimiiro, I got a life too and the daily releases in the last day should satisfy you for a while.
But check the site later today (no promises though.)


Katsuko Working!! Chapter 03:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Katsuko03 || Viscans


Files on Suzu are named wrong T_T
Just grab it.

@zetsubou_shin oi...tell people you're not dropping frogman
So yeah... We're not dropping it.

Edit: I updated the homepage. Everything up to latest now. Check out here.


Attack!! Chapter 04:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Attack04

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 54:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai54


More Kimiiro.
I have Attack and Kaitai ready too.
Gotta do my homework quick before though :P
Check back later.


Kimiiro Focus Chapter 17:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiiro17

Finally back

The series you have been longing for is back!
After 4 days of editing magazine raws, cleaning this felt like heaven oO
It's the start of Vol 3 and shit gets real!


Zetsuen no Tempest Chapter 10:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Zetsuen10

I was challenged!!

For clarifciation: This is not a war against IMS, just against one of their proofreader.
A Certain Proofreader: Kimiiro raws go to 17. Let's do them. I want to slam it in Prozess' face that we're better. Deal or no deal? [For your information, IMS uses a chinese translator, thats why "raws" up to 17]

Challenged accepted.
Chapter 12 released.
5 chapters ahead of them.
My win I guees?
We learn: Don't challenged me, it's useless.

I didn't want to release this at first, but why let my effort go to waste?
Some other happy news maybe later today, if I have a release ready.
ZnT is still sitting around (And no it's not Zero no Tsukaima; Zetsuen no Tempest got the same initials).


Kimiiro Focus Chapter 12:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiiro12

Been a while

Yeah, this project isn't forgotten.
We were just busy with Kaitai, and Kundy, the cleaner/typesetter for this, was helping out on kaitai as you know.
This slowed the release a bit.
With that Vol 7 is done with. Just 2 more.
Hope we can finish them in a timely manner.


Kanokon Chapter 36+Extra:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kanokon36


Said proofreader was complaining to me, why I'm so concerned with release when I already can read the japanese. Good reasoning. I'll stop scanlation all together and just read my raws. Great plan.
Good job, bro.
On a more serious note, probably some ZnT later. Hope I can finish it today. Else you get it tmw with another chapter of Kimiiro.
Stay tuned.


Kimiiro Focus Chapter 16:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiiro16

P.S.: Reader later, need to download some anime. So just Bot for now. Anime all watched. Links added.

As promised

Yeah, here it is.
Next one tmw, when my hangover isn't too bad.


Kimiiro Focus Chapter 15:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiiro15


actually Shin got this done before he got sucked in by Portal 2.
I just didn't read the post carefully and missed the link.
Maintance on the homepage later. Gotta update so much stuff...


Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 53:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai53

To move away from the kinda unpleasant post

Here is something you can actually read and don't need to wait for previous chapters.
It is confirmed that IMS will do chapter 11 and 12 of Kimiiro. But not at which speed...
I might release a quick LQ version of it if you want. Keep me informed on IRC.
Also, we'll continue to release Kimiiro constantly, meaning c15 tmw.


Attack!! Chapter 03:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Attack03

And our first steal!

I had been reserving my TLs for Imangascans, but a certain proofreader keeps delaying the project.
Couldn't bear it anymore, so I'm it pulling over to here.
I know we're skipping 11 and 12 atm, but chances are that IMS maybe releases it.
If they don't, we'll go back and release those too.
Fear not. I only started from 13 on, that's why we release like this.
13 was cleaned in a hurry, since I wanted to release it already yesterday.
14 is the usual quality you can expect from us from now on.
It are magazine raws, but I think they aren't so bad.


Kimiiro Focus Chapter 13:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiiro13

Kimiiro Focus Chapter 14:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kimiiro14

And we're dropping it

Due to some circumstances, that will get clear tomorrow, we're dropping Frogman.
Chapter 31 is the end of Volume 3.
We don't have any raws for vol 4 anways, so it's a clean cut.
Been a fun ride.


Frogman Chapter 31:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Frog31

More Attack

Nothing much to say.
Just that Galooza seems to be wanting to kill me with releases of this-.-
You'll probably see more over the weekend.
For now, Mediafire is suspended. It fucking hates me-.-


Attack!! Chapter 02:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Attack02

Aren't we quick?

Rather the guys from Vis are so fast :)
We're already caught up with the raws with that.
It's a bimonthly series and the next chapter comes out next month.
Also, didn't noticed the color page before, so I fixed the credit page :P


Katsuko Working! Chapter 02:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Katsuko02 || Viscans


Just 3 more chapters and we're caught up.
I'm already caught up with the translations, just waiting on the cleans now.
Taking suggestions on IRC what we should finish up after that.


Kaitaishinsho Zero Chater 52:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai52

And special joint!

What's so special you ask?
I didn't translate this chapter.
This actually marks the first release of Black Wing that I haven't translated.
Feels good to release a chapter I have put in so less work xD
Anyway, the manga is about a maid, 'nuff said.
It's a joint with our good buddies from Viscans.


Katsuko Otsukaeshimasu! Chapter 01:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Katsuko01 || Viscans


No? Good.
2 now, another later.


Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 50:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai50

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 51:
Mediafire || Read Online || !Kaitai51
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