Cage of Eden 96

Continuing where I left off with the last post, the girl returned alone from the river. She explains what happens and how Hikime sacrificed himself to save her. Another random girl, who seemed to be in love with Hikime, blames now the surviving girl and says she should have died instead of Hikime, since Hikime was a strong boy and therefore more useful than her. Oomori stops her though. While Mariya assess their situation again, he also speaks of an "invisible enemy". That's when the ostrich things appear again. They come close until the barrier and leave again after a short period. That attitude of the animals leads the group to the assumption that the animals are being wary. That they are just waiting for a good chance to attack. Oomori tries to console the surviving girl, who seems to blame herself now, when she suddenly collapses. She's down with a fever from exhaustion. Mariya explains that it puts a lot of stress on the mind being hunted by animals 24/7. Then once again the ostrichs appears. This time they come inside the base, past the barricades. Mariya explains that the animals got wary because they lighted the fire before, but now it's time they get over it. Some random guy propose to sacrifice one person of the group, so that the others can flee while the sacrifice is being eaten. Akira immediately punches him. Akira tells him never to say such a thing again and that he wont let him off as easy next time. This is what Mariya meant with "invisible enemy", their uneasiness. Strangely it doesnt get mention what happens with the ostrich at this point, but it seems that they left again. Oomori lies down with her fever and speaks with the surviving girl, who still blames herself. Oomori encourages her and says that the girl must have some kind of specialty to her. The girl then answers with singing. Oomori wants her to sing a song for her and she does so. After a while the whole group joins in the singing. End of chapter.

More soon.
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