Kaitaishinsho Zero c60

Since I won't TL anymore I can at least give you a summary.

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 60:

The title is Zero and Rei, whereas Zero is written as 0 like in the title of the series. For your information "rei" is also the japanese for zero. Onto the story, the Red Whale was completed and all over Japan the destruction starts. Meanwhile Soutarou got swallowed by the Red Whale. Worried about how powerless he is, he gets then saved by Momo, who is also inside the Red Whale. Aoi used the Zero Issue, the ball he hold on, and had it swallowed Momo. Momo is now inside that ball, which is inside the Red Whale. Upon meeting with Soutarou, Momo tells him about the other person inside the Red Whale. They both move to said person and find out that it is indeed Rei, the friend Soutarou killed with his own hands. Soutarou remembers the words of his father that Rei became the core for the Red Whale. Seeing as destroying the core also destroys the Disease Demon, Soutarou set the resolve to strike his friend once more. He tells Momo to give him his scalpel, but is unable to go through with the stroke. He then again falls into despair as he couldn't save his friend nor the bunch of other people, but still calls himself a doctor. After letting out a deep scream, something seems to happen with Rei. Meanwhile on the outside the destruction continues and its seems the Gods of Creation finally descends. That's where the chapter ends.

Next Chapter will be on the 8th of July. Expect a summary then, too.
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