Happy Incoming New Year

Last release of the year!
Get wild tonight!
Thanks to Powha for the colour page!


Smash Chapter 128:
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Smash Chapter 129:
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I'm thinking what to write here....

We're recruiting Magazine Cleaners for this Seires, Kaitaishinsho Zero. We're currently 21 chapters behind.
The only thing that slows us down are the cleans. The greys are quite difficult. So we would like people with experience. If you're interested get an admin on IRC. We'll be waiting for you!!


Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 19:
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Densetsu no Smash no Densetsu

Okay, I marathoned Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu in 2 days. Nice one. Bit disturbing last episodes and even more disturbing ending, but oh well.
Sometime inbetween I fixed this chapter, tried to fix my bicycle when it was -5°C outside (needless to say, it ended in a total disaster) and learned some korean.
Gonna repeat this cycle today too.


Smash Chapter 127:
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When the monsters creep in the shadows

I have nothing to say.


Chapter 126:
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U didnt see this coming

or did you?
Either way, here is the next chapter.
Start of vol 14.
Still recruiting a magazine cleaner for Kaitaishinsho Zero. I wanna release faster. Get me on IRC :)
If the typesetter work like they're supposed to, you get kurohime and kaitai this year.
All other projects will unfortunately have to wait till next year.


Smash Chapter 125:
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I dun really want to write a topic....

So, this is the end of volume 13.
It's just some extra fan-service chapter.
Enjoy it nevertheless.
Vol 14 needs kinda serious fixing and I'm lazy, so don't expect a release tmw.
I'm recruiting a magazine cleaner for Kaitaishinsho Zero. You need previous experience and must be able to clean one 18-paged chapter per week.
2nd, I'm recruiting typesetter. Also previous experience needed. I need one for Smash and one more if I get a cleaner for Kaitai.
Get me on IRC if you're interested.
Kurohime coming soon.
For the rest of the projects: When I feel like it.


Smash Vol 13 Extra Chapter:
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Some leftovers

These are the last fixed chapters I have. I have 11 more chapters, but they need fixing, but that I will do slowly.
So enjoy your last mass release for now.
As I said, bot gets the release earlier (I upload bot first, then Mediafire and reader. Post on page only appears when MF and Reader are up), lucky for those that are on the channel. Those who read this, too bad, you're 40mins too late :P (I hate my upload speed....)


Smash Chapter 122:
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Smash Chapter 123:
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Smash Chapter 124:
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Merry Christmas Part 2

Sorry about yesterday. It totally skipped my mind that the bot might die T_T
I will provide Mediafire and Bot from now on. And obviously the reader. Though all these upload times gonna kill me...
Anyways, don't flee the irc channel :) Stay and chat :) As a bonus, Bot releases will always come first :P

Also forgot to mention it yesterday, but:
7) My request system is abolished.

Onto the releases:

Smash Chapter 119:
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Smash Chapter 120:
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Smash Chapter 121:
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(Yesterday's releases are on the Reader and in the Mediafire Folders, Enjoy)



Two weeks without a release. Quite a long time when you're used to regular releases.
Anyways, this period gave me enough time to think about the situation.
And following changes aply from today onwards:

1) Black Wing haz IRC since last week: #BlackWing@irchighway.net
2) Comments are closed until Nanoha gets a 4th season. Say your thanks in irc.
3) With a irc channel now, we'll go IRC only release. Can't be bothered to upload 4 different times anymore.
4) I hereby retire as an active Editor. I'll solely concentrate on translation now.
5) Influenced by 4), there will be no longer regular releases. I release when I feel like it.
6) PROzess no Shoushitsu.

That's all, onto the releases now:
I wish you all a merry christmas and these are my presents to you:
Smash 116-118: Actually I wanted to release 2 whole volumes, but I screwed up the cleaning while typesetting and I didn't have the time to fix them all.
Otomari Honey 19-20: Sorry that it took so long. All my projects suffered under the mass releases of Smash.
Ginen Shounen 17: I wanted to release all remaining chapters today, but my editor couldn't make it. And with point 4), there is no way I would do them. Be patient for the rest.

Triggers for each chapter can be found in the topic of our channel.
Enjoy the holidays~

EDIT: I killed the bot. SORRY!!
Releases are on the usual Mediafire Folders.

Dun Dun Dun

Attention whore or whatever, I don't care what you call me.
I just wanted to bring attention to the guy that continues to abuse scanlator.
Thanks for all your comments. Guess I won't go into retirement.
You won't get any release yet though.
Right now I'm thinking on how to go on if I should use watermarks.
Also I disabled comments, so such a drama won't happen again.
Wait patiently and hopefully see you soon~

No releases for a while. See you on christmas.
Update 2:
We haz IRC now. Join us at #BlackWing@irchighway

Advent Calendar Day 13

End of Volume 12.
(No, I have nothing more to say. Really)


Chapter 115:
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Advent Calendar Day 12

In response to the current heated comment discussion:
Black Wing is not picking up any projects at the moment. At least not ones suggested by non-staff.
Uzumaki The Pain is obviously a lonely troller who seeks attention in the world. If you check his blogger account you see with what sh*t sites he's affiliated with. You're better off ignore him. Same goes for a guy called Rajin. Judging by the fucking horrible english both use, they might even be the same person. Who knows.
I'm not gonna delay Ginen, since I would feel sorry for the other Ginen Fans.


Chapter 114:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Advent Calendar Day 11

It's been a while since we had unpleasent news.
Let me remind you.

The 7 day wait-period to upload our releases to an online reader applies TO ALL READERS.
Only exception is our own reader.

For pleasant news, I updated the Project Page, check it out.


Chapter 113:
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Advent Calendar Day 10

Already the 10th.
Thanks for all your comments until now, and please continue to give them :)
As for our other series (Kurohime, Otomari, Forgman), be assured they're also being worked on and you'll surely see release of them in this month. Just be a bit patient :)


Chapter 112:
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Advent Calendar Day 9

As expected of Ginen, the comments sky rocked immediately.
Anyways, more Smash!


Chapter 111:
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Advent Calendar Day 8

Besides the daily releases for the advent calendar, we of course don't want to forget about the group itself.
Today I present you our 100th release (and 101th and 102th xD).
And since you pleaded so much for more Ginen, I picked two chapters of it for this occasion :)
I now you will love it.


Smash Chapter 110:
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Ginen Shounen Chapter 15:
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Ginen Shounen Chapter 16:
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Advent Calendar Day 7

Anything I need to tell you? Nothing in particular....


Chapter 109:
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Advent Calendar Day 6

Every good advent calendar has a bigger window for the 6th (St Nicholas) and for the 24th (Christmas).
And obviously Black Wing's is a good one :)
So you get 2 chapters :)
As for what chapters are inside the calendar: Not telling you :) It's more fun not knowing what you get^^
For this occasion I present you some new credit pages too :) One you can see above :)
Also thanks to Powha for the color page :)


Smash Chapter 108:
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Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 18
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Advent Calendar Day 5

Online Reader is up again.
Big thanks to n0c0ntr0l.


Chapter 107:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Edit: On request I added Deposit Files Folders on the Project Page. But the files on deposit files expire after a while when they're not used, so there might be some missing chapters. Just get those from Mediafire.

Advent Calendar Day 4

4th one already. How time flies. And it's the start of volume 12.


Chapter 106:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Advent Calendar Day 3

Not much words again, just: I realized chapter 103 got over 1000 downloads from the links I provided.
That's a first for all the chapters I released of smash! so far. Yay!


Chapter 105:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Advent Calendar Day 2

With all these releases coming, I'm not gonna bother with special posts.
So short and sweet


Chapter 104:
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Advent Calendar Day 1

You all were already pretty excited about a triple release, then what are you gonna say about this:
I present you
Black Wing Advent Calendar
For you, who don't know what that means:
Everyday in December until Christmas, we open one "window" with a little gift behind it. And since we're a manga scanlation group, that gift will obviously a manga chapter :)
So if you want your gift, visit every day :)
Unfortunately, because this involves a lot of releases, it would overload the online reader server. I can't provide you with our own reader this time. Sorry.
Despite that,


Chapter 103
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