Advent Calendar Day 6

Every good advent calendar has a bigger window for the 6th (St Nicholas) and for the 24th (Christmas).
And obviously Black Wing's is a good one :)
So you get 2 chapters :)
As for what chapters are inside the calendar: Not telling you :) It's more fun not knowing what you get^^
For this occasion I present you some new credit pages too :) One you can see above :)
Also thanks to Powha for the color page :)


Smash Chapter 108:
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 18
Mediafire || Deposit Files || Read Online


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the release :D

blahz said...

thanks a lot for all the release this week :D :D
seriously, thanks,,Blackwing

KaitoKief said...

Thanks for Kaitaishinsho Zero^^

Anonymous said...


narengoku said...

Thank you very much man...Those are lot of smashes...

Anonymous said...

thx ones again, and for the dpfolder :D

Farley said...

I'm a happy child. @-@

Perras said...

Thank you for the advent callendar event o_O That's just crazy, you guys working in blackwing are gods. I hope you won't overwork yourselves for us O_o
Thanks again and take care.

archknight said...

i like how ur doing lots of release and still have a mass release planed(i think) lol unlike other groups that will just hold back a few project to mass them

Anonymous said...

i love u guys <3

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