Advent Calendar Day 12

In response to the current heated comment discussion:
Black Wing is not picking up any projects at the moment. At least not ones suggested by non-staff.
Uzumaki The Pain is obviously a lonely troller who seeks attention in the world. If you check his blogger account you see with what sh*t sites he's affiliated with. You're better off ignore him. Same goes for a guy called Rajin. Judging by the fucking horrible english both use, they might even be the same person. Who knows.
I'm not gonna delay Ginen, since I would feel sorry for the other Ginen Fans.


Chapter 114:
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Anonymous said...

first again.... THX!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

HEY prozess

i know hiragana and katakana

that's easy to learn but kanji us different
so could u help me learn it.

u must have some notes of Japanese
can u please provide some info about kanji

or few words to start with .

also about cleaning manga
i started to read franky house tutorial and they really helped me a lot

the things is that these days i am idle
not much work to attend .

so from 23rd to 1 jan/2011 i am on vacation so i am ready if u wanna help .

Dass Jennir said...

Thanks PROzess!

Azuma your lucky guy!
Two girls completely in love with him, man i wish i was in his place :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks a heap. Please keep doing what *you* love :)


Anonymous said...

haha... 3 gals dass jennir~
actually azuma condition is quite true in the real world.

having top place with a good attitude and above avg looks... plenty of gals will go after u.

narengoku said...

Thank you very much as always...

Cholo said...

thank you again blackwing =)

Anonymous said...

really enjoy the fast releases.
thank you

Tourach said...

Thanks for the chapter waiting the next you are doing a great job

Anonymous said...

thanks, great stuff here

Anonymous said...

thank youuu! =)

Fan said...

hey I just what to post my gradtitude to you guys!!
Keep up the good work, I know saying that isn't much but all I can do now is say that, after I graduate, I'll learn to do cleaning so I can help you in the future, hopefully you're still active then. Again good luck, I'm a fan of yours BW scans cause you don't drop Smash!

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