Two weeks without a release. Quite a long time when you're used to regular releases.
Anyways, this period gave me enough time to think about the situation.
And following changes aply from today onwards:

1) Black Wing haz IRC since last week:
2) Comments are closed until Nanoha gets a 4th season. Say your thanks in irc.
3) With a irc channel now, we'll go IRC only release. Can't be bothered to upload 4 different times anymore.
4) I hereby retire as an active Editor. I'll solely concentrate on translation now.
5) Influenced by 4), there will be no longer regular releases. I release when I feel like it.
6) PROzess no Shoushitsu.

That's all, onto the releases now:
I wish you all a merry christmas and these are my presents to you:
Smash 116-118: Actually I wanted to release 2 whole volumes, but I screwed up the cleaning while typesetting and I didn't have the time to fix them all.
Otomari Honey 19-20: Sorry that it took so long. All my projects suffered under the mass releases of Smash.
Ginen Shounen 17: I wanted to release all remaining chapters today, but my editor couldn't make it. And with point 4), there is no way I would do them. Be patient for the rest.

Triggers for each chapter can be found in the topic of our channel.
Enjoy the holidays~

EDIT: I killed the bot. SORRY!!
Releases are on the usual Mediafire Folders.
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