Advent Calendar Day 11

It's been a while since we had unpleasent news.
Let me remind you.

The 7 day wait-period to upload our releases to an online reader applies TO ALL READERS.
Only exception is our own reader.

For pleasant news, I updated the Project Page, check it out.


Chapter 113:
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Anonymous said...

thx <3

Anonymous said...

thank you :) <3 smash but more ginen!!!

anonym said...

u rox

Anonymous said...

HEY prozess please man BRING GINEN FORWARD

why in this month you want to torture GINEN

fans. you know that people are dying because new chapters aren't available

many of us are cursing SMASH because of it ginen was put on hold.


then how about


google it . but i don't think you need it

i am quite sure its awesomeness reached you long ago .

please take on CAPETA TOO

Anonymous said...


shut the fuck up, you cocksucker.. you quite annoying and persist, why you cant see this is free scanlation whichever he like to provide to us.. can u shut the fuck up?

Anonymous said...

yes... pls STOP PESTERING. appreciate ppls work. if u wan it so bad go learn how to read japanese or learn how to edit. if not be patient and wait for the release. the staff have their own normal life too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, this advent calender really made these dark days brighter!

UZUMAKI and the like: You're being rude and disrespectful - and also annoying.

narengoku said...

Thank you very much for the chapter guys...Advent calendar is awesome...

archknight said...

lol at the narutard
yah srsly fuck off

prozess can do what ever project he wants, i like reading both the manga, and people should be happy with the fact that we are getting a steady release of something.

imo if the ginen fans cant stfu about it, u should delay the last chapter of ginen and the batch ;D

thanks for smash =D i am loving it

Meleoffs said...

Wow... some Naruto haters in here~

Ginen only has 20 chapters released right now, it finished being serialized. The fourth is being released sometime next year.

if he released it all he wouldn't have any more ginen to release.

Also, please stop being rude. It's kind of depressing to see that people don't appreciate the work PROzess and the rest of the staff put into this.

Anonymous said...

I THINK i never used any bad word at all

but such stupidity is shown by you people showed

your standard and level and i talked to prozess

not little worms .

also i requested not ordered even sensible being

prozess can see that .

i think that's enough for worms

prozess again i think you should take CAPETA on

and i am more of A GINEN SHOUNEN and FROGMAN fan

i stopped reading smash after 101

archknight said...

u make it sound so easy to pick up a project... do u even know how a project even get taken?! for your information, even if prozess does agree to do it, he gotta get the raws first and have the staff that wants to work on it. not to mention, the amount of time for it.

also prozess is already doing several other series like kimirro and change123

Anonymous said...

Thank you very muchfor the chapter guys you are awesome XD

@UZUMAKI THE PAIN i like ginen and frogman more than smash too but even when the wait is killing me i am not complaining like you
you should just go away and look at some other place for manga because black wing can do whatever they want so please just stop complaining or FUCK OFF!

Galooza said...

You should read the "About" page Uzumaki. Note the group was made "TO RELEASE SMASH! FASTER." All other projects are side projects. And Ginen's ended either way, it's not like it's gonna be dropped now.

Fan said...

So much internet anger lol.

Keep up teh AWESOMEZ! my like revolves around the advent calendar right now XD

Anonymous said...

i like smash and im glad it is being updated everyday!
thanks so much!

Cholo said...

thx again blackwing for the release,

@UZUMAKI THE PAIN yeah you dont use such bad word, but the thought of your words/phrase are bad

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