New Smash!

Well since nobody wanted to donate me 700€, I had to find a job.
I'm working since yesterday, but I got quite nice working hours. I'm at home at 2:15pm :P
That still leaves me enough time for scanlation. But I'll still put Ginen Shounen on hold for now.
I wanna study a bit too, and all those QC jobs are driving me crazy.
I'll definitely resume it! So don't worry. (Well worst case would be in october where my jobs ends :P)

But now to the reason of this Post xD
It's the last chapter of Vol 07! I don't wanna spoil you, but it got a surprise!!
And stay tuned for Vol 08! It'll be super awesome~

Enjoy it!

Chapter 65:

Smash! Chapter 64

It's monday. I had my history/economic/politc exam today. Think I passed. Barely though :P
Tmw my last exam and I'm FREE~~~
Well at least for 1 week... Then I have to earn money for my next term oO
(Someone wanna donate me 700€?^^)

For the chapter:
The action ends, the conclusion comes, and cheers to all Anan-haters~


Chapter 64:

And here it is!

The next chapter of Ginen Shounen!
What will happen to Matataki from now? Stay tuned for me~
Welcome Fairy as the new cleaner for it~
I'm too busy picking up new TL projects, so I can't keep doing it alone anymore.
Guess I need to find a TS for it too...

As for our other new series. They're a secret until they get released :)
But you can be sure, it'll be awesome ones!

Rant again: Still searching c12^^ You know the procedure :P


Chapter 04:

Smash! Chapter 63

Ok here is the next chapter~
The matches heat up! What will happen? Find out!

On a side note: We'll be releasing soon a lot (and I mean a lot) of new series! And with soon I mean next week at earliest.
Look forward to it :)

And as a little teaser: Vol 8 of Smash! is super cute~~~
Also: I'm still searching for Ginen Shounen c12. You know what to do :) Thanks~


Chapter 63:

Double Release

Today I have 2 releases for you!
The first one is the next chapter of Kurohime~
The second is also a joint with IMS. It's Kaitaishinsho Zero~
You can find more DL links and online reading on Imangascans' Homepage.


Kurohime Chapter 74:

Kaitaishinsho Zero Chapter 11:

More Smash

I'm running out of ideas what to write. Seriously...
I had japanese exam today. Nothing special. Just afraid I again didn't score a perfect one T_T
Well to the chapter:
Nothing special too...
The games continue...

Just Enjoy

Chapter 62:


Okay, good thing I QCed this yesterday, cuz atm I have a serious headache and no motivation to do anything besides sleeping (which I'll do after this post :P).
Damn hot weather and rooms without AC :(

Well into the chapter~
The action starts! How will it end?


Chapter 61:

Delayed Smash! T_T

First off: Let me sincerely apologize! This late release is my fault alone, or rather the fault of a shitty train company.
I was stuck at the house of my parents yesterday and today, since I hade some stuff to do there.
But because of some bad storm that messed with the train's electric lines the trains weren't running at all those 2 days and I couldn't get home. Therefore no release yesterday.
So again sorry for that.
I hope I won't have to delay a chapter ever again.
This chapter is the setting chapter for some nice action~ (Too spoilerish again?)
But there is still no trace of Yuuhi T_T

Also your comments are always welcome :) I realized I had set comments to registered users only till now, but I changed that now. So you can all comment now :)
And please do so :) Specially if you want to see more Ginen :P
I work on that only on the side, and if the resonance isn't great, it will take longer to release :P
Well for smash it won't hurry up the releases (since there already the fastest we can manage) but it would still be nice to see some more comments :)

That were some nice rants....

Now Enjoy

Chapter 60:

More Ginen Shounen

Yeah time for chapter 03~
Pretty sweet chapter :)

And regardings the Smash! release tomorrow, I'll be gone all day and can only release it at midnight my time-zone. Just wait patiently for it :)

By the way I'm still searching for c12 of Ginen, so if you come across it, please let me know :)


Chapter 03:

Smash! c59

And the next chapter!
I'm afraid this chapter again has no Yuuhi T_T, but we still get to see something cute!

On a side note:
I'm missing chapter 12 for Ginen Shounen and the download of chapter 10 hasn't progressed at all for a week now T_T If someone should came across those chapters, please be so kind and redirect them to me :) Thanks~

Now Enjoy

Chapter 59:

P.S: Thanks to Spiritovod I have ch10 now :)

New Ginen Shounen!

Actually I wanted to spend the day doing stuff for Uni, but I got my stuff done faster than I thought. So here is the next chapter of Ginen Shounen.
Too lazy to say anything more.


Chapter 02

Smash Chapter 58

Again a new week~
With everyday my exams come closer and with everyday I get even lazier!
I wanted to do another Ginen Chapter over the weekend but instead I watched Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou all sunday.
But to not to waste the day, I got my lazy ass up and QCed Smash!
The match gets really heated up, but we still got no Yuuhi, and won't for a short time T_T



PS: Played around a bit with the colors :P

First Side Project!

Yeah it's the revelation of our first side project!
And it's Kurohime!
Yeah I brought it over from IMS, since all the staff for it followed me.
But since I owe IMS a lot for giving me the Smash! Raws, this will be labeled as a joint project.
Enjoy your chapter, with finally some Zero again.

You can grab more download links and online reading at IMS Homepage.

Chapter 73:

Thursday = Smash!

And back to a Release people actually care about~
We have Thursday, so it's time for Smash! Chapter 57!
No Yuuhi this chapter T_T, but finally some badminton action again!

On a side note: I hopefully can you present you our first side project soon. I was told the chapter was ready but the TS is MIA, so just wait a bit longer.
And yes, ginen shounen didn't count as one of our side projects, since I'm doing that all alone (at the moment at least) and since I run this group might as well release it under that name.
As a reminder, all our projects besides Smash!, don't follow a set schedule. They will be out when they're done.
That's all for now. See you next Monday (or perhaps earlier?))~


Chapter 57

And it's a new Serie!

This is a new Serie, I picked up spontaneous after reading the Manga Shout Out on Mangahelpers.
It's called Ginen Shounen and is about a boy who can see the future of the girl he likes when he looks through his camera.
Sweet Story~


Chapter 01:
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