Smash! Chapter 64

It's monday. I had my history/economic/politc exam today. Think I passed. Barely though :P
Tmw my last exam and I'm FREE~~~
Well at least for 1 week... Then I have to earn money for my next term oO
(Someone wanna donate me 700€?^^)

For the chapter:
The action ends, the conclusion comes, and cheers to all Anan-haters~


Chapter 64:


Anonymous said...

Woo first again?! xD good stuff! keep it up woo woo!!

cholo said...

i was laughing at this chapter, thank you guys for the release again,

narengoku said...

Thanks for the chapter guys.....And best of luck for tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chapter!


Anonymous said...

Wth political exams, you gonna be a politician?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the chapter :)
it was fun ( 'u')/

shin said...

wow....expensive stuff

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