First Side Project!

Yeah it's the revelation of our first side project!
And it's Kurohime!
Yeah I brought it over from IMS, since all the staff for it followed me.
But since I owe IMS a lot for giving me the Smash! Raws, this will be labeled as a joint project.
Enjoy your chapter, with finally some Zero again.

You can grab more download links and online reading at IMS Homepage.

Chapter 73:


Mist said...

ooooo, a side project... ~Thanks~ for the release!

Ryuji said...

ohhhhh hi~~ prozess~~~~~ awesome u created ur own group~~`
good luck.... with everything~~~ if u need any help, let meknow =P im not doing anything for the time being..

Jerrios said...

thanks for the chapter =)
btw ur credit page says just so you know ;)

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