Smash! c59

And the next chapter!
I'm afraid this chapter again has no Yuuhi T_T, but we still get to see something cute!

On a side note:
I'm missing chapter 12 for Ginen Shounen and the download of chapter 10 hasn't progressed at all for a week now T_T If someone should came across those chapters, please be so kind and redirect them to me :) Thanks~

Now Enjoy

Chapter 59:

P.S: Thanks to Spiritovod I have ch10 now :)


cholo said...

thank you again guys for the chapter,

salva said...

how about you guys don't spoil the chapter?
but tx

PROzess said...

lol, what spoilers?
If you wanna see spoilers I can add some for the next chapters.

naren said...

Thannks for the chapter guys......

Farley said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks. And I don't think you can call it spoilers. lol

Soragin said...

I wouldn't call that as a spoiler.. I think it's more of sneak peak.

berrymelon said...

Thanks <3

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