And it's a new Serie!

This is a new Serie, I picked up spontaneous after reading the Manga Shout Out on Mangahelpers.
It's called Ginen Shounen and is about a boy who can see the future of the girl he likes when he looks through his camera.
Sweet Story~


Chapter 01:


c_k said...

Thanks for picking up this series. I was really hoping that someone would pick this up~ Keep up the great work and I'll be looking forward to your next release of this manga. ^_^

ishraque_t said...

Thanks for the chapter. I really loved the first chapter and I m completely hooked. However I m sad for the protagonist, because it looks like, his future wont be a happy one at all, kinda tragic. But I m looking forward if he can beat his own fate and get the girl he likes to like him back.

Anyways, is this a weekly or monthly manga, and how many chapters have been released in Japan.

Lastly, great choice of manga as always Prozess ^_^

PROzess said...

So far 11 chapters are out. I have them all.
And judging by the chapter length I would say its monthly.

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