And it's Monday!

Like I said, Monday is our release day.
And here is the next chapter of Smash!
We're already on vol 07!
Everything goes like planned.
I'm totally satisfied, but some more comments would be nice :P

Enjoy your chapter

Chapter 56:


martin said...

thanks ;)

animeaddict1068 said...

LOL that was neat! Thanks for your release! ^_^

naren said...

Thank you very much for the chapter....

m said...

thanks mate

Anonymous said...

More people need to know about this site!!! Thank you for your fast releases :)

Farley said...

Thanks!! And yeah, more people need to know about this site and this manga!

Benoit said...

Thanks a lot, you guys are great!!!


cholo said...

thx again for the chapter guys!

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