Black Wing Opens!

Welcome to Black Wing!
I had some trouble finding dedicated staff for my project Smash!, so I decided to found my own group. We'll be sure to bring you Smash as fast and as good as we can.
Smash! will be our main project, though we will do 2 others as side projects. Look forward to these too.
Initially I wanted to create a blog on wordpress, but my internet doesn't like wordpress and just isn't loading the page. So I spontaneous decided to switch here. I just created this blog moments ago, so please excuse the simple design. I'll work on it as soon as I find time for it.
Now enjoy our double release to celebrate the start of our group!

Smash! Chapter 54:
Smash! Chapter 0:

Chapter 0 is an extra chapter at the end of volume 6, but since it's a standalone chapter I decided to throw it out to you now, since it doesnt really make a difference when you read it.
It's a really sad proloque T_T

Enjoy reading!


Bayu Aditya said...

Thank you very much, I'm a badminton player and I never read any manga about badminton before.

If you wouldn't mind me giving advice, take smf as your main cms. Install tiny portal for the front page. So you'll have a blog-like website + a forum with a matching design! :)

Roadrunner said...

Just a translation note: Its a "shuttle" or "Shuttlecock" not a "shuffle"

Farley said...

Hey, PROzess, thank you very much. Smash's been one of my favorite mangas these last months and it's very good to know that a person is so devoted to translating it.
Cheers from Brazil. ^^

Andrew said...

Looks good PROzess ^_^

Focusing on one series is a very good thing in my opinion ^_^

btw, WorldCon here

Christy said...

thanks for translating it. I have been waiting for Smash! for a long time. Sadly I want to know what happen at the ending of volume 18 :( Anyway thanks a lot

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