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I already present you with the next chapter of Smash!
Monday and Thursday will be our release Days for Smash from now on, so check the site on these days :)
Please also comment, it always encurages the staff to work harder (at least me :P)
Another sad chapter of Yuuhi


Chaper 55:


naren said...

Thank you for the chapter.....

Mist said...

~Thanks~ for another chapter. *rushes off to read it*

Elby said...

Thanks for the chapter, it is greatly appreciated!

cholo said...

thanks for the chapter! you guys are really great!

Farley said...

Thanks for the great job!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the fast release. Was quite surprised that the chapter has been up already - GO GO GO!!!

Ong said...

Thanks for the release!!

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