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Phew, still made it today :P
Here is the promised Ginen~
And I must say, it's one hell of a chapter.
Unfortunately, I think you have to be patient till next week for some more.
Gotta do some other crap first :P
(Hopefully, when those raws arrive)
But you know me, I'm pretty spontaneous. I might throw in a chapter of Frogman over the weekend. You never know.
And now,


Chapter 09:
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Time for Smash~

My redrawer (request) ditched me on this chapter, which made first totally pissed, and second nearly despair, since this chapter had 37 redraws. But it was too early too despair, because Kumdumstaf is just too awesome. I just told him to typeset the chapter, but he still redraw half of them :) The leftover ones were done by Archknight and YealoFTW. Big thanks to these two, for their speedy work on this spontaneous task. Good to see, I still have friends I can count on :)
But I really would like to have a constant redrawer for this project.... Always searching for people every week is really tiring.... Is there nobody besides me who likes to work on this project? T_T
Also you get some Ginen later. Just have to wait for QC.
Over and out.


Chapter 83:
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Our last secret project~

It's finally time to reveal the last project!
An ecchi manga called Otomari Honey, where a boy lives together with 4 girls!
We start from chapter 16, since scanlation left off there.
Raws weren't avaible public, but that didn't stop us!
Thanks to our kind Donators who made this project possible!!
Also thumps up on Kundy who edited this chapter just today :)
All in all this chapter was done within the last 12h :P
Yes, we're just that awesome.
Expect some more release of it soon~
Now go and


Chapter 16:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

P.S: Oops, the credit page says Raws: Imangascans T_T Of course it's: Black Wing. But I'm not bothering a reupload for that.

[Insert something interesting here]

Too much releases, too few ideas what to post...
Well here is your new Smash!
With a pleasant surprise at the end!
Guess some Ginen will follow later, if I'm not lazy and my proofer is around.
Regarding our last secret project and that involving chapion red ichigo magazine, I hope my raw-provider stops slacking and gets it done soon :P
I wanna release it as bad as you want to read it. xD
So yeah, for now


Chapter 82:
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A lucky day

Proofer and QC were around, so why not finish it quickly?
Great Ecchiness again~
I don't have more to add....
See you tomorrow with the next Smash!


Chapter 16:
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Photo Time

As promised, here is the weekend release~
After the big cliffhangar in the last chapter, here is the solution~
Thanks this time goes to TheGodfather from IMS.
I'll start working on Frogman now, but release will be on Tuesday I think. We will see.
For now


Chapter 08:
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Nother Froggy~

Yo people~
well, I know it's been soooooooo long since the last release.
And I really apologize for this looooooooong delay.
But be at ease, you got 21 pages full of greatness now~
As I'm finally done with my catch up on piled up translations, I guess I will do some Ginen soon.
Check the site :) There will be a release or two over the weekend :)
And now,


Chapter 15:
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Blubb Smash! Blubb

I get desperate finding titles for release posts-.-
Well whatever, here is next Smash!~
There are some nice panels towards the end (You'll know once you see them :P).
And I think I did a pretty good job joining that double spread :)
(Yeah, I just had to boost my ego)
For your info, next Frogman is already proofed :)
Next release will be later today or tmw. (Though I guess tmw, since I have to do Sankarea today)


Chapter 81:
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A manga nobody cares about~

It has really been a time since the last chapter.
Not my fault though. TL was done a month ago.
Actually this is also the last chapter of the joint with IMS.
With me going freelance, Kaitai was one of the projects I dropped.
IMS found a new TL, so they'll continue it alone.
So check their homepage for news.


Chapter 13:

Faster than the wind~

Here is the next chapter of Frogman already for you~
Again it has a quite nice double page :)

Nothing much to say...
Just look post below...
Ah, right, remember to DL from DF if you have time, thanks~


Chapter 14:
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Later than normally, but better than not at all :P

I thought I had to skip today's chapter and throw you some other manga to keep you obient, but I guess that's not needed :)
The links for the cleans were wrong, so I worried what to do, but my lovely Foxxy managed to get me the right ones on time :)
/me hugs Devilfox.
Now to the bad news of the day: I have to go to work this night T_T
Bright side: I just have one week left of work~

Good news of the day: The other manga I wanted to bait you with instead, is currently in QC, I think I'll release it today too. I mean it's done and all. And I NEVER delay releases... Yeah, never...
Trust me.... perhaps?
Well just check in later, for now


Chapter 80:
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Now a different Duo strikes!

Well, yeah. As I mentioned in previous posts, I was just waiting on the editor to release the next chapter. But today, when I finally met him on irc (after a lot of timezone troubles), he told me he can't finish it fast. Since the script is laying around now for some time, you guys are getting impatient and I'm already seperated from my XBOX for now, I decided to get this out too.
Big thanks to the proofreader of Maigo this time: Pyon!
So here is the next chapter, with the biggest cliffhangar you ever saw!


Chapter 07:
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The Duo strikes again~

Yeah, I know I said I wouldn't release anything over the weekend, cuz I'm playing FF13.
Well, yeah I'm playing it, 14h in, already on disc 2 (of 3).
It's great, awesome graphic, but I yet have to come to the point were I can freely choose my party T_T
Hope I get to that tmw^^
Ah, yeah, back to topic. Since Galooza was so nice and already finished chapter 13, I didn't want to hide this pleasure from you.
Camp school is over and we're back at the school pool~
Nice chapter with a double spread :)
And now,


Chapter 13:
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Chapter 79 of... Smash!, what else :P

It's that time of the week again~
And I must say some awesome chapter. Even though I dun like Miwa anymore, since she cut her hair. I still was a bit moved.
On another note: Yamato dies. Actually he had a chronic heart disease.
*moment of silence for Yamato*
And regarding Ginen, still no word from the editor :P Sorry.

Countdown till I play FF13: 24h :)
That's all~
Over and out~


Chapter 79:
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New Froggy~

The glorious 2-man team strikes again :)
It's always a pleasure to work with Galooza :P
(Okay enough sucking up, on to the actual chapter:)
I said we would speed it up, and we did :)
Camp school is already over now (thank god, that was a boring arc, more swimsuits we need!)
And on a side note: I'll be getting FF13 on friday and then play the whole weekend :) So no releases during that time (probably).
If you're lucky I get Ginen TS before I start my FF Spree and I'll release it quick :P


Chapter 12:
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Smash! Chapter 78

What to write....
Eh... Well...
Here is smash....
That's it?
Maybe some Ginen later today...
Dun know about the timezone...


Chapter 78:
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Ginen Shounen c06

Finally some more Ginen~
Been awhile, but I have more time now, so I hope I can get this out more regular.
Frogman releases should come out more frequently too.
Well yeah, nothing more to say...
More Smash! tmw...
So just


Chapter 06:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Frogman Surprise!

Well, yeah I have plenty of time now :)
Lucky for you, since you get more chapters now~
Here is next Frogman for you, cleaned and TSed by me~
Hopefully I get some Ginen done today or tomorrow too :)
Just in case, check the page regulary xD
And I already got my first customer, yay~
This system works so very nice :)
And now,


Chapter 11:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

More Smash!

Yeah, lol I finished unexpectly all redraws yesterday.
With my new system, there were people who didn't accept it and began to rage at me, but lol, like I care xD
My projects are now down to half.
To clarify things I'll list what I still do:
Smash! (obviously)
Ginen Shounen [Lol, yeah all Black Wing projects obviously]
Kettama [Galooza is always there for me :P]
Amagami LGO
Amagami SY
Sankarea [All simple projects, since they helped me great deal with smash already]
Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi Nara [also get help from Maigo]

Any other project I did in the past, will now have to be requested.

There will be another surprise this weekend I guess. I have lot of free time now :)
Hell maybe even two :)
Okay that's all for now.


Chapter 77:
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PROzess goes Freelance!

In reaction to most of my staff on Smash! disappearing in the last 2 weeks, I decided to change my way of working in scanlation.
Basically it means: I QUIT all groups and work as a freelance translator.
It works like this: You come to me and request one chapter to be translated. It canalwys be just one chapter of a manga. Then I'll hand you a precleaned chapter of Smash! and you will redraw it. Timelimit for the redraws will be one week. In that time I'll mostly finish the TL too. If I don't know you, I ask you to redraw the first half and show me, before I start with my TL. The TL will only be handed over when I have ALL redraws. Trusted Sources (Reliable people I worked with before) can get the TL before handed me the redraws or even get the TL without having to redraw right away (Like when I'm out of raws, it will be then put in the waiting list). If I happen to have no raws for Smash!, you're unlucky and I probably won't accept requests.
Request can be either put in here or you can find me on IRC.
Now as to what you have to "pay":
A chapter of the length of 1-20 pages: 2 chapters redrawn
A chapter of the length of 20-40 pages: 3 chapters redrawn
A chapter of the length of 40-70 pages: 4 chapters redrawn
A chapger longer than 70 pages: Depends, raws will be checked and value decided then.
For each chapter you have 1 week, deadline is generally Saturday 24:00 GMT +1 (Find out what's for you yourself), execpt if I say otherwise.
Since I'll only start on the TL when you showed me the first half (In case of a weekly TL, 1 chapter redrawn), you ought to be fast.
As for crediting: Just credit me as PROzess and no need for seperate group. I won't credit you in Smash! as a seperated group either, just your name under "Cleaners".

The only exeptions to this change apply to the projects of Black Wing, Kajii and Devilfox.
If I don't get requests, I can live with that too, since I have then time enough to redraw Smash! myself.
Then hopefully see you in the request corner :)



Yeah, my redrawer for chapter 77 ditched me.
So no chapter today.
Guess I'll bring you a double release on monday then.
Have to redraw the whole chapter myself.
And some ugly ones are in there.
Good-bye to my weekend.
Relating to this incident, I (or rather my projects) will undergo a drastical change (execpt smash, it will only get better for it).
Sorry again and see you on Monday~

I still made it~ Smash 76!

What a day...
I came back from work, look in my QC section. And what I see: Nothing. The chapter for today wasnt typesetted -.- So what to do? Myself, yeah. But not exactly. Some "kind" guy jumped in and said he would TS it for me. Well, later it shows he used the non-proofed script and a way too small font size. Had to redraw it all. So yeah, well, I still made it. But I'm tired as hell.
On another note:
I'm lacking Redrawer and Typesetter for Smash!. If you have experience, free time and want to help, contact me: Either through mail ( or in IRC (Channels like: Simple, redhawk or imangascans [I know, we don't have our own oO]).
As you know we have a twice a week release schedule and I would like to stick to it.
@ Applying Redrawers: Be warned, there are quite a lot (small) redraws in each chapter.
So now have fun with this chapter while I go to slepp~


Chapter 76:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

Presenting: Smash! 75

Here it is~
First off: Big thanks to Izzy and Methy from Simple Scans, who helped me out with this chapter.
My ususal Editor is moving, so I had to improvise. Thanks god those two stepped up :)
Nevertheless I still had to do 3 redraws and the TS for it :)
My redraws are page 16+17, 20 and 22. Be at awe :)
This chapter is the end of volume 08 and got 2 double spreads (really nice), though I dun know why.. the only special about this chapter is, that it's the end of a volume... Well whatever.
I think I wanted to write more, but I already forgot it, meh.
Remember to DL from DP, thanks~
And without further ado


Chapter 75:
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