Our last secret project~

It's finally time to reveal the last project!
An ecchi manga called Otomari Honey, where a boy lives together with 4 girls!
We start from chapter 16, since scanlation left off there.
Raws weren't avaible public, but that didn't stop us!
Thanks to our kind Donators who made this project possible!!
Also thumps up on Kundy who edited this chapter just today :)
All in all this chapter was done within the last 12h :P
Yes, we're just that awesome.
Expect some more release of it soon~
Now go and


Chapter 16:
Mediafire || Deposit Files

P.S: Oops, the credit page says Raws: Imangascans T_T Of course it's: Black Wing. But I'm not bothering a reupload for that.


Geese1 said...

Wow, thanks so much for picking up this project!

Anonymous said...

thx for teh release

n0k said...

thanks! you guys rock! :D

Anonymous said...

well thanks for the chapter.

By the way the other group that is doing this had problem acquiring scans for this project so how about a joint with them since they started it and no one did this project even this was quite nice and full of ecchi.

kundumstaf said...

I love this manga... im so happy i was able to finish it in 1 day :D

blahz said...

a big tnx for scanlating this manga,,,,

Rovir said...

arigatto!! xD i thought it woudn't be picked up anymore... T_T you're awesome!!!!!! ALL OF YOU!

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to ask... What is your credit page from? Fan-art of something? Or is it an original art?

Pyon said...

Your choice of manga is impeccable. :3 I've been following Otomari since Hidoi! started it.

Anonymous said...

I am very grateful for you picking up this project

KLGChaos said...

Hey, PROzess! It's KLG! Thanks for picking this up. It was always too long between updates. :)

Zep said...

Thanks for picking up the project

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