Yeah, my redrawer for chapter 77 ditched me.
So no chapter today.
Guess I'll bring you a double release on monday then.
Have to redraw the whole chapter myself.
And some ugly ones are in there.
Good-bye to my weekend.
Relating to this incident, I (or rather my projects) will undergo a drastical change (execpt smash, it will only get better for it).
Sorry again and see you on Monday~


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.

narengoku said...

Thanks for the update man.....We can wait.....

Anonymous said...

thank you!! its okaY!, keep up the good work! :P

Anonymous said...

thanks you very much,i really like this manga and your scans

Farley said...

Man, you're probably the best translator/scanlator out there. All I have to say is thank you, keep up the good work and don`t apologize. lol

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