Presenting: Smash! 75

Here it is~
First off: Big thanks to Izzy and Methy from Simple Scans, who helped me out with this chapter.
My ususal Editor is moving, so I had to improvise. Thanks god those two stepped up :)
Nevertheless I still had to do 3 redraws and the TS for it :)
My redraws are page 16+17, 20 and 22. Be at awe :)
This chapter is the end of volume 08 and got 2 double spreads (really nice), though I dun know why.. the only special about this chapter is, that it's the end of a volume... Well whatever.
I think I wanted to write more, but I already forgot it, meh.
Remember to DL from DP, thanks~
And without further ado


Chapter 75:
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narengoku said...

Thanks for the chapter man.......

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your hard work and for those that stepped up to help. :) I look forward to reading the chapter so I can view your redraws. :)

Firestalker said...

Thanks for the release!!! I love this manga!!!

Hey is there a way to contact you PROzess? I'm dieing to ask you a questions about the series later on, but I don't want to possibly spoil anyone here.

You can email me,

I'm dieing to know if the rumor I heard is true or not. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

WOW thanks again, cant wait for the next chapter!!! Good Job guys

Anonymous said...

Your work in this series is incredible! You release each chapter very fast and without missing a week, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

thanks !! please traslate too baby steps ~

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