Later than normally, but better than not at all :P

I thought I had to skip today's chapter and throw you some other manga to keep you obient, but I guess that's not needed :)
The links for the cleans were wrong, so I worried what to do, but my lovely Foxxy managed to get me the right ones on time :)
/me hugs Devilfox.
Now to the bad news of the day: I have to go to work this night T_T
Bright side: I just have one week left of work~

Good news of the day: The other manga I wanted to bait you with instead, is currently in QC, I think I'll release it today too. I mean it's done and all. And I NEVER delay releases... Yeah, never...
Trust me.... perhaps?
Well just check in later, for now


Chapter 80:
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narengoku said...

Thank you very much for releasing it today itself man...

esasafe said...

ty for the release - been following this for a while and thought I'd finally speak up and let you know =D.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

great chapter!

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