PROzess goes Freelance!

In reaction to most of my staff on Smash! disappearing in the last 2 weeks, I decided to change my way of working in scanlation.
Basically it means: I QUIT all groups and work as a freelance translator.
It works like this: You come to me and request one chapter to be translated. It canalwys be just one chapter of a manga. Then I'll hand you a precleaned chapter of Smash! and you will redraw it. Timelimit for the redraws will be one week. In that time I'll mostly finish the TL too. If I don't know you, I ask you to redraw the first half and show me, before I start with my TL. The TL will only be handed over when I have ALL redraws. Trusted Sources (Reliable people I worked with before) can get the TL before handed me the redraws or even get the TL without having to redraw right away (Like when I'm out of raws, it will be then put in the waiting list). If I happen to have no raws for Smash!, you're unlucky and I probably won't accept requests.
Request can be either put in here or you can find me on IRC.
Now as to what you have to "pay":
A chapter of the length of 1-20 pages: 2 chapters redrawn
A chapter of the length of 20-40 pages: 3 chapters redrawn
A chapter of the length of 40-70 pages: 4 chapters redrawn
A chapger longer than 70 pages: Depends, raws will be checked and value decided then.
For each chapter you have 1 week, deadline is generally Saturday 24:00 GMT +1 (Find out what's for you yourself), execpt if I say otherwise.
Since I'll only start on the TL when you showed me the first half (In case of a weekly TL, 1 chapter redrawn), you ought to be fast.
As for crediting: Just credit me as PROzess and no need for seperate group. I won't credit you in Smash! as a seperated group either, just your name under "Cleaners".

The only exeptions to this change apply to the projects of Black Wing, Kajii and Devilfox.
If I don't get requests, I can live with that too, since I have then time enough to redraw Smash! myself.
Then hopefully see you in the request corner :)



tim said...

So does that mean that if we want Ginen Shounen to be translated we have to clean it? Or does it just apply to the ones that are mentioned here?

Anonymous said...

i don't understand a thing.. is this for we reader or u r asking for people to work for you

PROzess said...

Basically all projects that aren't from Black Wing are dropped by me and if someone wants to continue them they have to redraw Smash for me so that I TL it.
There are a few exceptions.

tim said...

Thanks for the clearifacation PROzess. Good luck with everything.

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