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Too much releases, too few ideas what to post...
Well here is your new Smash!
With a pleasant surprise at the end!
Guess some Ginen will follow later, if I'm not lazy and my proofer is around.
Regarding our last secret project and that involving chapion red ichigo magazine, I hope my raw-provider stops slacking and gets it done soon :P
I wanna release it as bad as you want to read it. xD
So yeah, for now


Chapter 82:
Mediafire || Deposit Files


Anonymous said...

At this point, one normally starts pulling things out of one's ass... sometimes it's actually interesting.


Pull to your heart's content.

narengoku said...

Its early this week.....great......

Nighty said...

I just finished skimming the raws for Smash! so yay for scanlations.

This and Karakuri Circus are up on my list of 'need scans' so great thanks. :D

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhh what's with that score !

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