New Smash!

Well since nobody wanted to donate me 700€, I had to find a job.
I'm working since yesterday, but I got quite nice working hours. I'm at home at 2:15pm :P
That still leaves me enough time for scanlation. But I'll still put Ginen Shounen on hold for now.
I wanna study a bit too, and all those QC jobs are driving me crazy.
I'll definitely resume it! So don't worry. (Well worst case would be in october where my jobs ends :P)

But now to the reason of this Post xD
It's the last chapter of Vol 07! I don't wanna spoil you, but it got a surprise!!
And stay tuned for Vol 08! It'll be super awesome~

Enjoy it!

Chapter 65:


cholo said...

thank you again guys for the chapter, and i actually love to be spoil! post some spoiler, hahaha, again thank you

narengoku said...

Thank you very much for the chapter....

iYuuchii said...

Thanks for the chapter! :D

unisani said...

endless gratitude to your effort!
if you ever need anything done manga-related, except translation, call me @


JubilantMints said...

Thank you so much for Smash! I have not seen it anywhere before. <3 I maybe a girl but I love sports manga.

Rahul said...

Thanks a lot!!

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