More Ginen Shounen

Yeah time for chapter 03~
Pretty sweet chapter :)

And regardings the Smash! release tomorrow, I'll be gone all day and can only release it at midnight my time-zone. Just wait patiently for it :)

By the way I'm still searching for c12 of Ginen, so if you come across it, please let me know :)


Chapter 03:


Geese1 said...

Thanks for the new chapter!

I'm really enjoying this series so far and am looking forward to more.

ishraque_t said...

Thanks alot for the chapter. I m really liking this series more and more. Mirai definitely has a thing for that senpai.

Oh its worrying that the raws cant be found. I will definitely keep an eye out for the raws

KimbaxD said...

Stranger Danger !:D
The Name is Kim and Im Only Here to Thank You Yesh Blackwingscans for Ginen Shounen
Barely Read It and Me Likey so much and will enjoy the future one Keep it up Porfavor (please)
Love Me!

Bigdarios said...

i can't download this file can you re-upload it please ^^ thank you very much for all the hard work

Anonymous said...

the chapter 3 download on mediafire is not working

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