Okay, good thing I QCed this yesterday, cuz atm I have a serious headache and no motivation to do anything besides sleeping (which I'll do after this post :P).
Damn hot weather and rooms without AC :(

Well into the chapter~
The action starts! How will it end?


Chapter 61:


Anonymous said...

MUAHAHA FIRST!! Good stuff man !! Keep up the good work!!

narengoku said...

Thank you very much man....Even with ur headache u did it for us....thank you...

Anonymous said...

haha the guys gotta up their game now
tx for the release

Farley said...

Excellent work! Thank you very much. ^^

Christy said...

Thanks for the chapter. Oh btw I read Smash! up to volume 15, and I really want to know what happens next. Do you by chance knows what happen? Sorry if I'm bothering you.

PROzess said...

I'm afraid I only have read till vol 13 so far, as that are the books I own myself.
My lovely Scanner slave hasn't scanned the rest yet xD
Can't give u any info, sorry.

Christy said...

oh it's cool but at least I get to read the chapters in English. Thanks for doing all of this.

Anonymous said...

Ha, your Scanner slave, Gosh i hate you! T_T

*throw away all smash volumes :3

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