And here it is!

The next chapter of Ginen Shounen!
What will happen to Matataki from now? Stay tuned for me~
Welcome Fairy as the new cleaner for it~
I'm too busy picking up new TL projects, so I can't keep doing it alone anymore.
Guess I need to find a TS for it too...

As for our other new series. They're a secret until they get released :)
But you can be sure, it'll be awesome ones!

Rant again: Still searching c12^^ You know the procedure :P


Chapter 04:


Điển said...

i'm downloading

Geese1 said...

I'm really enjoying this manga and have been looking forward to the next chapter.

Thanks for the release!

Anonymous said...

An nice manga. It's a simple story, yet it has a very pretty drawing and a feelling which I enjoyed deeply.

I'm looking forward for the next chapters! Thanks a lot

ishraque_t said...

Thanks alot for the release. What a bombshell to end the chapter. This manga continues to impress although I m feeling bad for Matataki as he is getting owned

Farley said...

Thanks for the chapter! This is indeed a great manga. :D

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