Smash Chapter 58

Again a new week~
With everyday my exams come closer and with everyday I get even lazier!
I wanted to do another Ginen Chapter over the weekend but instead I watched Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou all sunday.
But to not to waste the day, I got my lazy ass up and QCed Smash!
The match gets really heated up, but we still got no Yuuhi, and won't for a short time T_T



PS: Played around a bit with the colors :P


cholo said...

thx for the release again, luv you guys,

shin said...

The uncensored version of Ichiban is awesome...not that i measure a great anime in the amount of boobs it shows >.>

Anyway, thanks for the chapter

naren said...

Thanks for the chapter guys.....

z3193708 said...

Thanks for the quick translation ^^

Do u still need the raw scans? I got them ^^

PROzess said...

I have all raws up till vol 18.
But thanks for the offer.

And obviously uncensored > all. Don't even bother with the censored one. Saw enough stupid bats at Rosario..

Farley said...

Thanks again. You are making an excellent job for free. Wish there were more people like you around the world. ^^

Andhika said...

Thanks, please read my comment on the previous post smash 57. :) waiting ur reply.

PROzess said...

As far as I know, no english company got the license yet for smash. So no official english ver of it.
And Imangascans already bought all the missing volumes for me (though I bought them myself too:P), so we aren't really in need of donations.
But thanks for your offer :)

Alex said...

Good sir please more of Ginen Shounen!! and thanks again for the scans keep it up.

blahz said...

@ PROzess ,,are you the one translating amagami sincerely yours for Simple Scans??? its a good manga [:D]
BTW tnx for the release :)

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