Thursday = Smash!

And back to a Release people actually care about~
We have Thursday, so it's time for Smash! Chapter 57!
No Yuuhi this chapter T_T, but finally some badminton action again!

On a side note: I hopefully can you present you our first side project soon. I was told the chapter was ready but the TS is MIA, so just wait a bit longer.
And yes, ginen shounen didn't count as one of our side projects, since I'm doing that all alone (at the moment at least) and since I run this group might as well release it under that name.
As a reminder, all our projects besides Smash!, don't follow a set schedule. They will be out when they're done.
That's all for now. See you next Monday (or perhaps earlier?))~


Chapter 57


Farley said...

Amazing chapter! Thanks so much for the hard work. Please keep it up. ^^

naren said...

Thank you guys....

Andhika said...

thank you for your great work. if u dont mind, i wanna ask something, is there any "smash" manga book which is written in english? i really wanna buy it, i heard its already completed.

but if there are no english book for "smash", please scan it for us til completed, i would be happy to donate it, i really want to see how for the stories will be.

please send me your bank details to, i would be happy to donate for "smash", really appreciate your work. ;) nice to know u

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