Smash! Chapter 63

Ok here is the next chapter~
The matches heat up! What will happen? Find out!

On a side note: We'll be releasing soon a lot (and I mean a lot) of new series! And with soon I mean next week at earliest.
Look forward to it :)

And as a little teaser: Vol 8 of Smash! is super cute~~~
Also: I'm still searching for Ginen Shounen c12. You know what to do :) Thanks~


Chapter 63:


narengoku said...

Thank you very much for the chapter....
And Can u tell the series??

Anonymous said...

o.o i have to dl chapters now..... all manga readers r going downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Anonymous said...

Thank youuuu

Anonymous said...

damnnnn this is getting good, hope the new series don't get in the way of smash :(

Anonymous said...

thank you

Farley said...

Obrigado, cara. Eu sou seu fã.

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