Smash! Volume 08 Start!

I worked on saturday, I worked on Sunday... And the sunday shift was a night-shift T_T
I'm tired as hell. But I bring you Smash!
It's the start of the super awesome Vol 08!!
I don't want to spoil anything, but the first half of the volume is super amazing~
Well at least I think so :)
With the start of vol 07 I forgot to add the volume cover T_T
For vol 08 now I included it. I will do a batch for volume 7 the coming days and add the cover there. So if you want that DL it :)

Now Enjoy~

Chapter 66:


Anonymous said...

First xD Lol working suckzzzzzzz
im at work but i read manga during lunch break keke

keep up the good work!

narengoku said...

Thank you very much man for doing smash inspite of ur work...

Anonymous said...

Tank you very Mauuch !!

Anonymous said...


Ty for the release :D

Splinta said...

If you need some help and if you want to teach me to clean in photoshop il be glad to help you sry bad English..just post sommting and ill send you my e mail

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the new release !
Your work is great !!

But i have one question.
Do you translate all 18 Volume from Smash?
I search in Internet and i didn´t found the 18. or the other volumes.

I hope, that you do this !

Farley said...

Thanks again, man. Like I said before, you´re going to heaven for doing this. ^^

PROzess said...

@Splinta: I already know how to clean in Photoshop :) When you look at the credits you see that I'm credited as a cleaner :)
But thanks for the offer.

@Anon: We have all 18 Volumes and we of course plan to scanlate them all :)
Just wait patiently :)

Anonymous said...

I have favor to ask you, is this Smash! manga in any shop outside of Japan? Because this one is that kind of manga i'd like to buy, even i live in Europe.

PROzess said...

As far as I know, Smash is not licensed yet outside of Japan.
The only english source for now is here :)

Mikey said...

I appreciate all the hard work you've guys done on Smash! probably on one of my favourite mangas to date, Nice chapter and Yuuhi is back ;D

Ong said...

Yuuhi's BACK!!!

Let me see the kissing + hugging scene once more!!

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