Smash! Chapter 71

It's time for some Smash! again~
Though Yuuhi actually went back last chapter, we get to see some glimpses of her here :)
Really nice~

Btw, raws for our third secret project are orded, thank you donators~
I estimate release in around 2 weeks though, shipping takes a while T_T
Remember to DL from DP, thanks~


Chapter 71:
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Anonymous said...

Muahaha i usually leave comments... first again!
Hmmm DF down so... didnt dl from there :S

Keep up the good work xD!! woo woo


narengoku said...

You are always reliable man....Thank you for the chapter.....

Firestalker said...

I love Yuuhi... She's so cute, BUT Miwa looks great with her new hair. I think I love her almost as much as Yuuhi now.

Anonymous said...

No wayyyyyy, long hair was better imo lol

Couldn't dl from DF either :x

Firestalker said...

Short is the best in my book... Especially the frizzy, wild hair that Miwa and Yuuhi have.

Oh Baby!

Anonymous said...

....miwa....NO....NO....NO...why...oh why! this is too short...if it wasn't for the face, I'd thought it was a guy with bedhead hairstyle. Yeah, for girls, new hair=new life, but I just don't like it :-(

Fabian920 said...

Thanks for the release. Withdrew the file :D

kundumstaf said...

^^ i see alot of smash fans here~

but agree. miwa looks better with her hair long..

yuuhi <3

Anonymous said...

nice episode and I download with deposit Files :)

Anonymous said...

I met this series two days ago and now I've read all the chapters! Well, not all because Mediafire doesn't let me download 65-67, I don't know why. But, what I wanted to say is: Thank you for your hard work!


James said...

Thanks as always

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