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Well we actually have all Raws for our main project Smash!, but with the unexpected growth of the group, we took on more projects or would like to take on more.
But we are missing a few raws for that. So I hope you can help us out here :)
For example we miss chapter 12 of Ginen Shounen, as I stated often before, and it doesn't look like we get our hands on it. We therefore would need to buy the volume.
So if you have a bit of money to spare and want to see more fantastic releases from us, please donate :)
I most likely will also set up a depositfile acc, where you also then can support us by downloading our chapters from there.
Thank you very much~

EDIT: Okay depositfile is set up :P
And to test it, here are the covers for vol 6 and 7~

Vol 06 Cover:
Deposit Files
Vol 07 Cover:
Deposit Files


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