Sorry no Smash!

I was about to QC Smash!, when my keyboard died and I no longer have access to my desktop computer, which has all the files on it.
I'm writing this from my laptop, but this is missing various programms and I can't really use it for scanlation (well execpt translation, it has word duh).
Borrowing a keyboard is impossible too, since my brother is a hardcore gamer and needs his own 24/7 and my parents of course only have a laptop too, duh.
I don't know what wrong yet, guess I have to buy a new one..............
Maybe see you tmw~
I'm really sorry for this T_T
I hate killing my own schedule. T_T


Anonymous said...

what a bad luck!! ¬¬ well, anyway thanks! =) hope you buy a nice keyboard!
flor (arg)

narengoku said...

Its fine man...We can wait...

James said...

Just so you know:
- Windows and other OS-es offer a "screen" based keyboard where you just click the appropriate keys with the mouse.
- You can also use a VNC (Remote desktop) type of program to access your desktop and use a keyboard.

I personally always have a real el-cheapo keyboard and mouse handy (stuff that's worth like 3USD oslt :D) for such stop-gap situations.

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